Happy 4th of July

Yesterday turned out to be a fun 4th…Maddie and the Fuller girls pulled out the lemonade stand from under the bed and opened for business.  They had a slow customer day, but they are at it again today and hoping Epernay’s real estate traffic will bring in the big bucks!

Last night, we celebrated the 4th of July in Maumelle with our good friends, the Nortons.  One of their family members lives adjacent to the paved path leading to Lake Wilistein, and we had great access and a terrific view of the city’s firework display.  Our group started with bottle rockets and sparklers and such in the driveway before dark, and the following picture shows Lainey’s first impression of what she was hearing…NOT for her.  It’s like she’s thinking…”I’m outta here…”

Lainey was distracted for a little while, at least, with the flag…not for long

Happy Maddie girl…the more the noise, the more the people, the more the fun…more the merrier for this girl

Maddie warming up to the idea of holding the sparkler

John David loves him some Lainey (oh and you can see her boo boo from the spill she took on the paved lake path earlier)

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