Halloween 2009

Trick or Treat!!  Who doesn’t have great memories of trick-or-treating as a kid?  Around here, costume selection starts…well…the day after the LAST Halloween.  Maddie chose Cleopatra, John David chose Batman, and Lainey was a bumblebee…quite appropriately, I might add, as she is busy buzzin’ around here from dawn ’til dusk.  Here she is in her antennae.  And of course, this look is so her…just checkin’ things out.

Me and my little Batman
You can see Maddie’s new addition…braces!  I’ll need to post a close-up.  Kids these days can customize their colors…wonder what she chose?
Lainey finds the loot!
Ready to go!
Hayride with a few neighborhood friends


Best buds Maddie and Ellie
Lainey just got right on in there with the big kids

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