Today marks 7 years since this sweet little man entered our lives!!  John David, we love you, buddy!  It wasn’t until many years later after October 11, 2003 that David and I realized what a miracle this little guy was.  He was delivered by emergency section…we were in surgery in about 5 minutes’ time;  the cord was wrapped around his neck twice.  Now that I’ve lived more life and known many more moms who have lost their babies, we praise God for excellent doctors, for safety, and for life!!
 I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a little boy so interested in so MANY different things…we may have to get some old-school encyclopedias for our shelves so he’ll always have something to flip through for answers to all the questions!  We love this about John David!  His current “interests” are baseball, football (learning the players and teams just this year), coins, space and the planets, anything National Geographic Kids, collecting anything and everything from outdoors…rocks, acorns, leaves, etc., books, and on the lighter side, riding bikes, Tom and Jerry, and making anyone and everyone laugh.  This “reserved” little guy can make you howl.
This is my bald-headed, round-faced little John David before he turned 1.  Who woulda guessed that THIS baby would have blonde ringlets by the time he was two?  
 My mom came to visit us for a few days last week, and since she shares a birthday week with John David, we had a birthday cake for them both.  I wish I could say I made this one, but I chose sanity and went to Mickey’s.  It’s Monday night and the cake is nearly gone, so I feel justified in spooning the icing only off at this point.  Heaven.
 I love this sweet moment here!
 Make a wish!
 Maddie and Mimi
 This was taken right before Mimi left.  The kids always are begging for her to stay longer.  
 The Hidden Cupcake is back!  What a fun tradition this has become for our family.  You can find this treasure at Hobby Lobby…and by all means, print yourself a coupon and get this little guy for under $10!  
The Hidden Cupcake appears at the breakfast table before the birthday girl or boy, and during the day, while he or she goes about their day, the cupcake is hidden with a treasure inside!

 Tom and Jerry Silly Bandz!  Maddie actually picked out this Hidden Cupcake treat for John David, and she knew they’d be a hit!
And last but certainly not least, John David’s new bike!  He and his daddy have been testing bikes for many weeks, and this one John David decided on.  It was waiting on him this morning at breakfast.  Who doesn’t love showing up at breakfast on their birthday and having treats waiting?  So much to look forward to after school today!

When each of our kids were born, we chose a “life verse” for them.  I leave you with John David’s verse…Joshua 1:9 “…Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

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  1. Happy Birthday John David! What a cute birthday tradition! I definitely going to borrow that – Hobby Lobby here I come!

  2. Happy Birthday, John David!! What a neat ideas with the hidden cupcake! Love it!

  3. Happy Birthday JD. I just substituted a fifth grade class yesterday and there was a little girl who looked just like M and she was so sweet too so I thought a lot about you through out the day.
    I just found more of these cupcakes at Kirklands today, I may just buy a couple more for the girls to have when they are grown with a family.We love doing this on b-days

  4. What a cute idea with the cupcake!! I love it!! 🙂