God Made Me Day

In the first grade at our school, they celebrate birthdays with a “God Made Me” Day, and today was John David’s celebration! We put together a poster of pictures of him from baby days til now, which he shared with the class. Thankfully, this boy cares not what his poster looks like. See below, I had to improvise a bit before the poster went to school. I wrote the wrong birthday! John David was NOT born on October 9th, as it states underneath the red paper! I’ve told several people lately that he was. But then again…I’ve also had to calculate my own age lately when asked. I recently heard myself saying…”if I was born in 1975, then that would make me…” Please tell me I’m not alone! My only excuse for the poster is that he was DUE on October the 9th and Maddie’s birthday is June the 9th. Or that my brain is way too full.

John David and I went through each photo and shared a little of John David’s life with the class!

As always, Lainey walked right in, plopped herself down on John David’s spot on the carpet, and became part of Mrs. Faires’s class!

The class then took turns giving John David a “heartprint,” which is something they love about John David. Much to our surprise, we heard many “he is funny,” or “he makes me laugh!” One little girl said “he is cute!” I agree, Grace!
He also chose a book to read to the class. He chose My Very Own Name about 6 months ago, as he KNEW from his big sister that this day was approaching!
This precious, personalized book can be purchased at www.iseeme.com.
Click HERE for a virtual tour of this book and you will see why it is such a treasure!
John David with his daddy today
Me and my favorite little guy!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. What a cool birthday tradition! We love the those books – Harper has one and can’t figure out why she can’t “see herself” in the baby bassinet – LOL 🙂

  2. So sweet! What an awesome thing to do at school!!

  3. Oh, my, what a cutie he is! Love the idea of “God made me” day for birthdays. Think I’ll celebrate that with my FIRST grandbaby, due in June. Found you on blogfrog. blessings!

  4. Wasn’t able to follow you. Internet Explorer wouldn’t let me. Will check back. hugs.