Gingerbread Village and Candy Trees

Gingerbread houses.  Anybody want to boycott them with me?  I found a kit of 5 miniature houses, thinking, “oh, how fun this will be for us to do together.”  There should be a disclaimer on these kits that they can cause temporary insanity for parents…and that a glass of wine would pair well with this activity. 
So, yesterday, we get everything laid out and ready, prepare the icing, and let’s just say I ended up going to Walmart to shop for the week (on a Sunday which I despise) in lieu of assembling the gingerbread pieces.  The Lord blessed me with a patient, calm, and glass-half-full hubby.  He surely was questioning my coping skills.  
So here is our finished village.  Note to self…buy the already-assembled house next time.  Decorating them is the only fun part anyway.
 I made the candy trees Christmas of 2003!  They have lasted this long!  They store beautifully in large ziploc bags.
 John David’s “wreaf,” as he calls it…he has no idea it is not a “wreaf,” and it’s too sweet for me to correct.  And if you know my John David and my hubby, you know that this intricate, just-like-the-picture-on-the-box wreath is totally something they would tackle.  Bug.  Not I.
 I love this little A-frame.  Kind of want to go there.
 These candy trees are some of my favorite Christmas decorations!  A little time consuming, but SUPER easy to create!  You need a styrofoam cone form in varying sizes, gumdrop candies, and toothpicks!  I cut the toothpicks in half, pierced the candy with one end, and punched the other end into the cone.  Start at the base of the cone and simply work your way up to the top.  It does not need to be perfect!  Just fill it in, and you are done!
 This peppermint tree I hot-glued alternating candies in rows, starting at the base of the cone.  Again, there is no reason to stress over it being perfect.  It will be adorable!

Hope your attitude towards gingerbread houses is better than mine if you have a kit awaiting YOU!  And if you dare to “make this memory,” just know you can call me when you are leaving the house mid-kit, and I will let you vent:)

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  1. my attitude is no different, I HATE these things!! We usually do a small one with my mom and girls with graham crackers and they are much easier, of course my mom make super thick frosting that will not make you want to pull your hair out! We did a store bought one a couple of years ago and I ended up taking it apart and giving the girls one side of the house each to decorate and eat (not assembled) I cursed that thing for months. I just dont think this is a “memory making” activity for the narretto household…maybe that’s why im not in construction, 🙂

  2. Amanda, you are NOT alone! I bought one at Easter because I thought this will be SO much fun! Kids will love it! Well, I couldn’t for the LIFE of me get that thing to stay up! The sides kept sliding and it was all crooked! ugh! Jordan and I were at the store the other day and she saw them and said something about it and I was like we are NOT getting one of those things until we find someone who can show us how to do it! She said I know! It doesn’t work! LOL! Needless to say, we didn’t have much luck either!