Valentine’s Door Decor

A little Valentine’s whimsy for your front door…

 My neighborhood has some creative mamas!  
 This adorable heart hangs on a neighbor’s front door, and  she gave me permission to post her craft and tell you how to make your own!  

Supplies needed:
1 roll of butcher paper
Red and white paint (or other colors, if desired…white polka dots show up best from the street)
Hot glue gun
Mod Podge
Sponge brush
Large round-ended sponge brush for polka dots
Wire for hanging (you can use wire for beading necklaces, florist wire, or similar gauge wire)
Hole punch
Stapler (optional)
Beads for wire decor (optional)
 Ribbon/jewels/etc. for wire decor (optional)
Cotton or Recyled plastic bags
Over-the-door hanger, command strip, or suction cup for hanging
Indoor/outdoor clear spray to protect from elements

Roll out butcher paper and tape to floor to prevent curling.  Create a heart template by drawing out your desired heart shape and size.  Hearts pictured are least 2 feet tall or larger!  Cut out your template.  Place the template over clean butcher paper and trace two hearts that are exactly the same.  Do not cut the hearts out yet.  
Paint the hearts red.  Paint 1/2 inch outside the template area.  Allow to dry completely.  Then, using large, round-ended sponge brush, paint polka dots.  Then, using the tip of the regular sponge brush, paint the “stitching” around the perimeter of the hearts.  (See picture)

Generously paint Mod Podge over entire surface of both hearts.  Allow to dry completely.  Then, cut hearts out and hot glue or staple the two hearts together, leaving an opening at the top for cotton filling.  (Staples do not show) Fill with cotton or recycled plastic bags to desired puffiness.  Hot glue the heart completely closed.
Before decorating with beads or ribbon, spray the indoor/outdoor clear coat for protection from the elements.

Punch two holes in the top of the heart for your hanging wire.  (See picture below)

Thread wire through one hole and determine length you desire.  The wires pictured above are hanging about 6 inches from door hangers.  String a few beads and twist the end of the wire to secure the end.  Reinforce hole with a dab of hot glue on the back of heart. 

   Be creative!   A family name, children’s names, I love you, Happy Valentines, Be Mine, etc…mixed with wooden beads of varying size and color.  Add ribbon or other decor, if desired.  

If you choose to decorate your wire with ribbon only, you can go ahead and thread the other end of the wire through the second hole, twist ends, and reinforce with hot glue. Tie varying ribbons intermittently along wire for a fun, whimsical look! See below for example.

 Hang your heart on the front door or give away to someone special!

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  1. So cute Amanda-I’m going to post this on my blog if it’s ok with you. I made pumpkins like this last year so it will be a great follow up. Couple of tips; plastic bags work great for stuffing; I stapled the edges for extra security (staples don’t show) and you need to use a spray clear coat or your paper will get soggy when it rains.

  2. What a fun decoration! I love it.

  3. ginger weaver says:

    Amanda, love this…cannot wait to get out and buy the supplies! thanks for sharing and keep them coming!

  4. Oh my gracious gravy! That is stinkin’ CUTE!!!! We are soooo going to do that in The Shoe! I would love to do four…one with each child’s favorite color (which will be a fun mix — hot pink, purple, lime green and blue). And then I’m thinking you could do egg shapes for Easter, a beach ball for summer, pumpkins or leaves in the fall, Christmas ornaments, snowflakes…oh my. So. Stinkin’. CUTE!

  5. Ah, ha! So begins the love affair with MOD PODGE!!!!! I love it!

  6. Really cute! I am a new follower, came to your from Debbiedoo’s link party!

  7. Hi Amanda…I am so glad you joined the newbie party. I would love if you added my link to the post or my button would be fine too. Enjoy the party…let’s get word out there:)

  8. Oh duh…I love your Valentines…I just made some cutsie stuff too today…my boys love it.

  9. Hi there I’m your newest follower from Debbie’s Newbie Party!

    so while I’m reading this super cute tutorial I see “Little Rock”

    HOLY GEEZ! You live in Arkansas!? Me too! I’m from Searcy =) I nearly squealed like a greased pig pfft haha!

    I love that heart and am DYING to try it out!

  10. Great idea and thanks for the tutorial! I’m a newbie…..isn’t this fun. Love your blog!

  11. These are great, thanks so much for sharing

  12. Your neighbor has done a really good job with these beauties…love the look!


  13. I LOVE it Amanda! Super cute! I’m following from Debbie’s newbie party! Love your blog! Glad to have found it!

  14. Super cute idea!

    Found your site from Debbiedoo’s link up party

    Hope you have a great week

  15. Hi, I’ve followed your link over from the newbie party. Love the idea of using butcher paper to make hearts for Valentine’s Day. Thanks for sharing.

  16. That is adorable – love the polka-dots.

  17. Thanks for sharing such a cute idea, it looks amazing!

    I’ve come over from Debbiedoos

  18. So sweet! I love the whimsy of it. Finding you via Debbie’s Newbie party. I’m your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back!
    Have a great day!

  19. I love it so cute that red and white just POP right out.

  20. This is such a cute idea. I’m passing this on to my daughter who has 11 year old twin girls who love doing this kind of thing. Your blog looks like a lot of fun, so I’m a new follower.

  21. Ok, I now know I am not gifted as a crafts person! I thought…hey these hearts will be easy, I’m going to make them for 6 of my neighbors, family, teachers….well, I made my first two and the heart shapes didn’t match up! If your template you use to trace is not symmetrical then they won’t match. Instead of free drawing the heart initially,I think it would help to make one how we used to in elementary school…fold the paper and cut half a heart 🙂 I saw these so cute hearts in person in Little Rock before I saw them on your blog….and they are even cuter in real life. Thanks for posting the how to!Love ya!

  22. That is so cute! I love all the fun details in the hanger and the polka dots are adorable!