3rd Birthday

It is always hard to believe when your babies turn yet another year older.  Especially when it’s the true “baby” of the family!  Lainey turned three this week.  I’m pretty sure she will always be the baby around here!
She was born at just over 5 pounds, just a little peanut.  
Nine months later you would never know it!  
We affectionately call her “Lainey bug” and probably always will! 
 Lainey is a happy, contented little soul!
And wants to do Every.Thing.Her.Sister.Does. 
Including be friends with her friends:).  And let me tell ya, our “big girl” friends and neighbors are terribly sweet to Lainey girl, and Lainey has no idea that she just turned 3 instead of 10.

Celebrating at Mother’s Day Out with the birthday girl!

 Lainey’s favorite character these days…Curious George!  Once again, thanks to my very talented sister, my friend Keli, and Google, for tips on baking and decorating cakes.   I made it!
Make a wish! 
Her new Bitty Baby from Mimi and Pop.  Lainey named her LuLu.  
Of course, the Hidden Cupcake had to come out this week!  If you do not have a Hidden Cupcake, get one before the next birthday rolls around in your house!  Found in the Hobby Lobby birthday party section and costs less than $10 with your coupon!

The Hidden Cupcake shows up at the breakfast table in the morning, and while the birthday girl or boy is going about the day, the Cupcake is hidden with a treat inside!  This tradition has become one of our kids’ all-time favorites! 

Happy Birthday, baby Girl! We love you! 

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  1. She is SO precious!!! Great job on that cake too 🙂 Hope she had a wonderful birthday! Lily is like that too…..she thinks she is the same age as her big sisters. 😀

  2. Happy birthday, Lainey! My Harrison is just a week or so behind you (his birthday is Tuesday) It looks like she had a wonderful day – and the cake looks great!! I LOVE the cupcake tradition! I just may be poppin’ over to HL Monday so we can have it at the birthday boy’s spot at the table on Tuesday morning. 🙂 Happy birthing day to you, Amanda!

  3. Happy Birthday Lainey!!!!!!!!!!! She is precious and they grow up to fast. I love the Hidden Cupcake tradition and will be doing it in April with the boys birthdays. Thanks for the idea.

  4. Awww… she’s a doll! I absolutely adore that shot of her with the antenna headband on. So cute! Our youngest (who turns two next week) also thinks he’s as old as his bigger brothers.

    Happy Birthday Lainey! I hope you have a truly special day!

  5. Happy Birthday Lainey! I can’t believe she is already 3!

  6. Lainey is just precious! She’s beautiful!

    That cake is awesome, Amanda! Way to go!

    Love the cupcake, too. What a cool idea!

  7. Love that cake!! Happy Birthday to your baby 🙂 The cupcake is an awesome idea!!

  8. I’d never heard of a birthday cupcake before! What a cute idea and a great tradition!

  9. Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby! The cake looks amazing…great job! I have never heard of the hidden cupcake before. I think we may need one around our house :o)