Moss-Covered Cross Tutorial

Edited February 2013:  The original post detailed the contact information for my oh-so-creative neighbor who was selling these a couple of years ago.  Although they are no longer available for sale, you can still use the tutorial to make your own! 

Exacto knife or box cutter
Black foam board 20×30″
Spanish moss (green)
Ribbon of choice (wired mesh shown)
Silk flower bloom or bird’s nest with eggs
Hot glue gun
Spray glue adhesive- Aleens, Elmer’s, Locktite are a few brands
Door hanger or Command strips for hanging

Trace a cross onto black foam board.  Cut out your design using an Exacto knife or box cutter. (These crosses shown are the entire length/width of the foam board…30 x 20 inches)
Spray the cross with 2-3 coats of glue.  
While glue is still tacky, arrange small bits of moss directly onto the glue and allow to dry.


Tie ribbon(s) or mesh around the top of the cross, as shown.  
Glue a flower bloom or a small, filled bird’s nest in the middle of the tied ribbon.  
Hang it on your door using the back of the ribbon.  Enjoy!
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  1. Ooooh, love it!!!!

  2. A very nice tutorial! You are so creative! I’m having a giveaway…hope you’ll stop by again soon! ♥

  3. I like all this flowers. Thanks for this post.


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