Summer Camp Gifts for Girls

For many of us, summer is finally in sight, and perhaps you have a child heading off to summer camp in June!  We do!  Now’s the time to be thinking about goodies for care packages, as some items are hard to find locally and may need to be purchased online.  

The following ideas are strictly frou frou girlie gifts for your own child or maybe a friend or niece headed to camp!
Autograph picture frame her bunkmates can sign.  Add her cabin photo to display when she gets home.
A cute journal for bunkmate’s addresses, fun activities for afternoon rest time, and a picture album all in one.
 Aren’t these pillow cases adorable?  
Both suitable for camp friends’ autographs!
My girlie is getting these!  Just too cute.  These run big, FYI.

Camp Talk Cards!  These are fun question cards with kid-friendly, get-to-know-you questions and conversation starters.  Click HERE to order.

 This is a sweet necklace I found last summer at Lifeway Christian Stores.  I gave this to Maddie the day before she left.  
 This is a perfect gift if your camper is at all uneasy about being away from home.  Psalm 91:11 “For He will order His angels to protect you wherever you go.” (NLT)
Last year’s trunk top!  I purchased pre-cut card stock in a package from Walmart’s craft section.  Maddie chose the pictures and we made a little “home away from home” for her cabin!  We’ll update her photos soon!
What kid doesn’t love Mad Libs?  Fun for the girls during their cabin rest time.  
Don’t forget your girlie’s favorite candy!

Do you have a child headed to camp or any camp care package ideas?  Leave a comment if you do!
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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog Amanda! I enjoyed your post on camp gifts…your daughter is blessed to have a fun mom like you! Blessings!

  2. Awwww…this is the sweetest post. It just reminds me of my days at summer camp (my daughter it too little now). The pajamas are great!

  3. Those are great ideas, Amanda! My big girls will be at camp in less than two weeks!! The camp we go to does not have any kind of camper directory, so I will be sending name and address cards with my girls so that they can keep up with a new friend or two (maybe!). I would love to send them with a frame or a pillow case or something fun for their friends to sign. Thanks for the tip!!

  4. I always LOVED my autograph pillow I took with me to camp. Great ideas! With Joy, Carey

  5. Great gifts for kids to remember their summer camp experience. Items such as journals and picture albums seem to be a good way to document fond memories. Good post.

  6. cute, I love the trunk idea – what a fun thing for Maddie. How old was she when she started going? I am just trying to figure out when Reagan might be old enough to go.

  7. Thanks for giving information on summer camp girts for girls. Summer camps for teens are loved by teenagers and kids to enjoy their holidays and as well as to learn important skills. Christian summer camps are planned to bring the children closer to God and help them to learn new things and to become a good human beings.