Maddie’ 10th Birthday

Our Maddie girl turned ten last week!  
Almost impossible for my mind to believe that the above picture is Maddie on her third birthday…the same age as Lainey is now.  In some ways it feels like yesterday, and other days, it is a lifetime away.  
As always, we started the birthday morning with The Hidden Cupcake!  A fun tradition that’s easy and eagerly anticipated!

  The Hidden Cupcake appears at the breakfast table the morning of the birthday, and during the day, while the birthday boy or girl is going about his day, the cupcake is hidden with a special treat inside.  Itunes giftcard was the treat for Maddie!  You can find a Hidden Cupcake for your family at Hobby Lobby in the party section.  

  Maddie likes to start planning her birthday parties somewhere around…oh…the day after the previous one.  We patiently listen and let her “plan,” but this year, we knew we had to sell our “plan” to keep our cost at a minimum because she was receiving a special gift.  

Amazingly, she went for the home party idea with a Mini-Olympics theme…relays, games, a pinata, pizza, and cake.  A little more work for us, but kept us within our budget and turned out to be her favorite birthday yet!
 In order to present her with the secret gift, we put together a simple scavenger hunt!  Nothing fancy, just clues on notecards all over the house and yard, and it was a hit.   

 I love that I caught this expression on camera as she began to figure out what the gift was!

After coming up with creative ways to cover airfare, hotel, and spending money, we planned a special Daddy/Daughter trip that they will take later this summer…her 10th birthday gift.  

These years are fleeting…Maddie leaves for college in 8 years.  For many reasons, we decided this was the year to make this trip work.  

Maddie’s party was at our house…I’m still amazed she bought into our idea, but as always, if you make it fun, Maddie is in.  

She requested a “cookie cake” this year, so for a whopping six dollars and change, I spread out pre-made cookie dough into a 12×18 cake pan, and baked a ginormous chocolate chip cookie.  Will do that again!  Cheap and completely gone.

We divided the girls into two teams and held our own “Mini-Olympics.”  Each team member had a blue or green bandana.

Started the games off with the ping-pong-carry race.  

David was our master of ceremonies:)

Next, each team had to dress in baggy clothes over their own, run around the cone and back, and give the clothes to the next person in line.  Hysterical to watch!

Gettin’ a little help from the team!

Pass the orange!  I heard one of them say, “I would NOT want to do this with a boy!”  

Lots of competitive spirits Friday night:)

Steal the bacon!  

These girls were serious!

Singing Happy Birthday!  Maddie and her friend/neighbor/sister, Ellie.  Ellie’s telling Maddie not to be embarrassed while they sing.  Why she’s embarrassed, Lord only knows, especially since she’s waited for 12 straight months for this day:)

Happy Birthday, Maddie girl!  We love you to the moon.

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  1. What a beautiful birthday girl and a fun party! Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Love your creativity! Sounds like a fun party.

  3. Looks like a really fun party! And what a great gift. I have some friends who do a mommy/daughter trip for the daughter’s 10th birthday — to “Mecca” — American Girl Place in Chicago. 😉 Love the expression on Maddie’s face.

  4. What a great party. Such sweet memories you are giving her with this party and with the special trip! Love the expression on her face…priceless!