July 4th Weekend in Oxford

We brought Maddie home from camp on Saturday, and as we thought about our nonexistent plans for July 4th, we did something we have never done…at least not with three kids…we hopped in the car Sunday and drove to Oxford, MS, for one night, as my brother and sister were both going to be there for the weekend.  
My brother, sister, and me (they are twins)
Even though it was mere hours spent together, we still had a great time!
All of us with our spouses/kids
My sister-in-law’s parents have a beautiful backyard and pool where we spent the afternoon.
We stayed at the Hampton Inn where these await you in the lobby…..of the Hampton Inn…..in Oxford, MS.  Perhaps the owner spent  time in Africa, because that is where the lions are from?  I maaay-be could understand *one* lion in a case.  That would be kind of cool.  But three?  Bordering on weird and creepy.  Not to mention their back ends are literally in your face while you eat breakfast.  You should have seen John David craning his neck to figure out whether they were boy or girl lions…gross.
We ran by Rebel Rags to pick up a few t-shirts and a pennant for John David…(there is not an iota of Ole Miss gear to be had in the state of Arkansas:)  Then we took the kids through campus to show them the beautiful Lyceum (above), where I went to class, where i lived, etc…Ole Miss remains one of my most favorite spots on earth!  The kids are still trying to get their arms around what college is, why you go, what you do when you’re there…seeing it in person was great for them!
The Tri Delt house where I lived for two years!  They were re-doing the inside, so we couldn’t go in.
Who knows…maybe Maddie girl will be here one day:)

We also got to squeeze in a visit with our old friends, Meg and Isaac, who David worked with while on staff with Campus Crusade at Ole Miss.  They are still there investing in the lives of students!  

Our last stop was lunch at Old Venice pizza for old time’s sake so we could eat our favorite John Wayne pizza (BBQ sauce, chicken, and mozzarella).  

We just may make an impromptu trip again someplace soon…it was worth it!

I’ve said it before on the blog and am routinely telling my Arkansas friends…that if you have never been to Oxford, it is well-worth the drive!  It is one of the most beautiful small towns in all of the South, rich with history, and full of award-winning restaurants and amazing stores!  You will not want to leave!

Have a great Wednesday! 

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  1. What a fun trip! Sometimes those impromptu trips are the best!

    But the lions????? How weird!!!!!

    Oxford is definitely one place this Georgia Dawg wants to visit one day!

  2. What a fun trip! Can you believe I’ve been in MS six years, and have not gone to Oxford yet! I want to ride the double decker bus. Maybe when the weather turns cooler! 🙂 Have a great week and so glad you were able to spend time with family.

  3. Stopping by from Jenna’s Journey! These pictures are fantastic. Looks like y’all had a wonderful 4th. 🙂

  4. Fun! Stopping by from the blog hop 🙂 New follower!

  5. HOW FUN! Small world that you went to Ole Miss. I went to Mississippi State.
    Glad you had a fun time. Safari hotel and all. 🙂

  6. You know, if you went through Memphis down 55 you were within 10 minutes of me. ; )

    I love Oxford. I agree that it’s a beautiful town…my sister and I toured Rowan Oak several years ago…so much literary history! : )

    Glad you had a great weekend with family and friends!

  7. Any reason to see family is a good reason in my book! My family is on the other coast and I miss spur of the moment decisions to get together.

    I came by from Jenna’s:)

  8. Hi Amanda! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment! You’re right, Oxford looks beautiful! I find your college experiences in the US interesting, so different here. What a lovely looking family 🙂 Best wishes from Australia..