October Family Birthdays!

October in our family is always a really busy month…thus the lull in posts.  One thing is sure…the blog world will always be here.  Family has to stay first.
This cutie pie turned 8 last week!  Do any of you moms out there still see your children as one particular age in your mind and find it difficult to see them otherwise?  I do!  And it’s not 8! 
For part of JD’s birthday, David took him to St. Louis to see a Cardinals game!  JD’s little league team this year was the “Cardinals,” so he immediately became a fan of the real deal.  We surprised him one Friday morning and put him in the car for the trip…not school!


They got to the stadium two hours early to shop, hang out, and take in this amazing view from the stands!


And, of course, a trip to the top of the Arch!
And The St. Louis Zoo, which is amazing and completely free.  St. Louis is full of high-quality, free entertainment due to endowments.  We hope to make another trip as a family.  
John David at his birthday party last Friday.  We rescheduled after canceling the week before due to the stomach bug.
Birthday morning opening up his gifts!
UPS delivery from Pop and Mimi.  
A short moment of sibling love:)
We had John David’s party in the backyard, kept it super-simple with a game of “Steal the Bacon,” Kickball, and free play.  Probably the best birthday ever for him!  They had a ball just playing!
Lainey lined up with the boys waiting for her “number” to be called during Steal the Bacon.  
She hardly said a word during the party.  Just stared and longed to jump in.  Not so easy when the boys are 8 years old!



Instead of traditional cake, JD requested cookie cake, so cookie cake it is!  
For the last few years, John David and my mom have celebrated their birthdays together here at our house.  My mom arrived Thursday and was able to attend the party, baseball, and soccer!  Busy, but fun times.
Mom’s birthday cake…the famous rose cake from I am Baker.  My super-talented sister from A Perfect Bite talked me through the roses over the phone.  Let’s just say their rose cakes look um…better…but mom’s still turned out nice.

If you are in the Nashville, TN area, do yourself a favor and have my sister bake for your next occasion!  Petit fours, cakes, and cupcakes straight from heaven.
Mimi and my kids

It’s warm here today with promises of actual fall temps tomorrow.  I don’t know about you, but I am ready to retire the shorts.  

Have a great week!

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  1. Would I sound like a crazy blog stalker if I said I wish we lived closer because I so want to be your friend in real life? Cause I do! I just love your posts about your family! What fun this birthday celebrating is! JD is so precious, and I am sure he loved every second of the day with his Daddy! How special!

    That rose cake is beautiful! Wow to the wow!

  2. A Red Rider BB Gun?! He’s gonna SHOOT OUT HIS EYE! {wink} What a fun birthday. Happy birthday to JD!