Family Christmas Trees!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree! 

I am simply amazed at some of the Christmas trees that are floating around blogland, Pinterest…and my friend’s homes!  I LOVE Christmas trees.  To me, a Christmas tree is one of the sweetest expressions of a person…who they are, what they love!  Ever thought about that?   It doesn’t have to be a designer tree to be beautiful!
Our Christmas tree 2011!  For 13 years, we have had a real tree, and this year decided to join the masses and buy artificial.  A little sad for me, but just for the little bit of time it took for us to put this guy up.  
 For the last several years, I have used deco mesh in our tree.  This year, I bought lime green and love it!  The lime green just makes me happy.

Every year, each of us receives an ornament that pertains to something relevant to the past year.  Here are the ornaments I chose for 2011…
 It IS what you think it is.  PB&J.  Now you know they make an ornament for everything imaginable.  Of course, this one belongs to Maddie, who somehow someway, has managed to take a PB&J to school every single day since kindergarten.  This ornament makes me laugh. (Old World Christmas)
 A mixer for me!  As Lainey says, “Dat is for dah cookies!”  She may or may not partake in eating massive amounts of cookie dough with me straight out of the mixer.  (Target)
 George.  Love this little guy.  If you are a mama, you dearly love the sweet characters that your child loves.  And Lainey loves Curious George. (Hallmark)
 For John David…he discovered pool in his granddaddy’s basement/playroom last year and routinely wants David to take him to play pool!  We’ve found one place in town that is not a bar:) (Hobby Lobby)
An ornament from David and Maddie’s trip to New York City
 The Christmas Pickle!  Have you heard of this old English tradition?  Olde World Christmas carries this fun ornament with the tradition of hiding the pickle in your tree, and the first child to find the ornament gets an extra little gift on Christmas morning.  We veer a bit…we decorate our tree, hide the pickle, and the first child to find the pickle gets to open the first gift on Christmas Eve!

This ornament is perfect for an ornament exchange or for a neighbor with children!  It comes with a tiny card explaining the tradition.

I would have photographed our actual pickle, but darn if I can’t find the thing!  My kids come home from school and hide it over and over and over.  Seriously, I cannot find it.
They even make these mini pickles, perfect for a child’s tree!  Each of my children has one on his or her tree in their bedrooms!  
And one I just received today!  A handmade cotton boll ornament from Farris Wheel Pottery sent to us by a dear childhood friend!  A little Mississippi for my tree.  Love.
The kids’ real tree in the kitchen.  It smells divine, and it, too, is full of special ornaments and crafts from school, etc.

The kids each have a tiny tree in their rooms…
 John David’s is a mix of sports, trains, and Santa’s.  
 Maddie…hot pink and lime green!
 And little Lainey’s is baby pink.  Got this one at Wal-Mart last year.  Love it!
And last but not least, my score for this Christmas season…an old ceramic Christmas tree!  Did your grandmother have one of these in her home?  I saw a few of these out in blogland and in early November, I walked into an antique store and this was the first thing I saw.  Isn’t she charming?  It sits in my kitchen and it reminds me of simpler times.  I love it.

Do you put up a family tree or do you have more of a designer/themed tree?   What is your Christmas tree tradition?  


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  1. I love your tree! And I love your new ornaments – where did you find them?

  2. Beautiful tree!! Ours is fake, and full of ornaments from Eric and mine childhood, and now some made by Molly! Kind of a Charlie Brown feel to it 🙂

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  4. Hi
    I am looking for the small lites that fit onto your ceramic christmas tree.
    Can you tell me where we can find them? Do you sell them here?
    Please advise, thank you