Bear One Another’s Burdens

This week, my mind has been occupied with normal things…the kids’ school week, blog projects I am currently working on, my sweet BLOOM group…but I have to admit,  Valentine’s wreaths and recipes just seemed so insignificant in comparison to these stories…two fellow mama’s whose stories I have followed for a while…both who are currently walking vastly different journeys than mine.  And I cannot get them off my mind.

The first is my blog friend Mandy.  Oh, sweet Mandy, my heart aches for her.  She is wife to Matt, mom to three beautiful children, a fellow food blogger at The Supermom Chef (ahhh-MAZING recipes and photography).  Her little boy, John Matthew, suffers from a range of medical issues that have required untold numbers of surgeries to remove recurring tumors in his short 7 years of life.  Caringbridge for John Matthew is HERE
Mandy and John Matthew flew to Boston today for yet another surgery.  Their story is magnified by the fact that her husband, Matt, recently lost his job and is now working in Dead Horse, Alaska.  Alaska!  Can you imagine the stress for Mandy?

Mandy is a regular mom just like you and me.  She loves her children, she helps with homework, she drives carpool, she blogs.  John Matthew reminds me so much of my John David. But Mandy carries a burden most of us will never understand.  Mandy is transparent and real.  No sugar coating her circumstances going on here, yet she routinely keeps her focus on God.  She is a rock-star mama.

The other mom that is on my heart nearly every day is Kate from 3 Kids, a Minivan, and a Mortgage.  What an indescribable inspiration Kate is to so many who read her blog yet probably will never meet her in person.  

I do not recall how I first found Kate’s blog, but immediately, Lucy’s story stuck with me.  We are living parallel lives with kids, school, parenthood, and on and on.  Her little girls remind me so much of my own.  But again, Kate is bearing a burden that most of us will never be able to understand or comprehend.  Having a child with cancer. 

Kate never seeks the spotlight through her family’s story.  She very authentically and frankly records Lucy’s struggle with cancer, but what shines through most of all is her relationship with God.  Her struggle with God.  Her love for Him despite being heartbroken beyond what she imagined was possible.  His mercy and grace in the midst of devastating pain.

It is a great privilege to go before the Lord and pray for these two moms and, “bear one another’s burdens,” even the burdens of people I have never met.  (I do hope to meet Mandy in person before too long.  She is from my hometown and we have become buddies across the miles!) 

Who else can we be praying for?  Leave a comment if you know of someone specific!

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  1. I have been following Kate’s blog, too, it caught my attention with a Kate, Eric, and Lucy…so much like my family! I will be praying for Mandy, too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for sharing this Amanda! I will be going to these ladies’ blogs. I know if you like to them I will too. Just keep praying for my mom. We are so thankful that she is cancer-free. But she has is going to Houston (a 10 hour drive for her) in a few weeks to consult w/ doctors about whether she will need a bone marrow transplant. We are praying they will say she doesn’t need one. God is good regardless! So glad you shared these blogs!

  3. Oh, sometimes these stories just tear my to the core. I hope to check out these blogs.