Feather Boa Wreath Tutorial

Ever since I saw these feather boa wreaths on my neighbor’s doors at Halloween, I knew I had to make one!  While my original idea was a wreath for Valentine’s and my girls’ rooms, these wreaths are fun year-round in any color!
This project was so simple and inexpensive, that I’ll definitely make more in other colors as the year goes on.
Supplies needed:
*1 piece foam board, cardboard, or wreath form (I used a 24×36 foam board)
*3 feather boas (more or less depending on size of circle.  Pink wreath pictured is approx. 20 inches diameter).  I recommend buying boas online from Ebay or a party supply store that sells in bulk.  You will pay alot for these at local craft stores unless you have coupons.
*Electric knife or Exacto knife
First, trace a circle shape in the desired size onto the foam board.  I used a large round platter for the outside circle and a smaller bowl for the inside circle.  Mine is about 3  1/2 inches wide, but you can adjust these measurements to suit the space where it will hang.
 Using an electric knife or Exacto knife, carefully cut out the circle.
 It does not have to be perfect, as the boas will cover it anyway.
 Start wrapping the first boa around the wreath form.
 Continue around the wreath, adding the next two boas.  I simply tucked the ends of each boa into the wrapped boas, eliminating the need for hot glue.  This way, you can even use your boas for another project, if desired!
This pink feather boa wreath was the backdrop for my Valentine’s mantel, and now it’s at home upstairs on Maddie’s bedroom door!
 Love it here!
It adds fun, sassy flair to her room!
Thinking ahead to other holidays and uses for feather boa wreaths…Wouldn’t white be gorgeous for Christmas or Winter?  Black or orange for a Halloween display?   Yellow for spring and summer?  Soft pink on a new baby’s door?
So many options for this easy project!
Have a great week!

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  1. That looks amazing! I’m thinking those would make GREAT decoration for a girl’s birthday party!

  2. How cute!! Perfect for a little girls door~thanks for sharing at {Homemade By You}

  3. Ooh this looks so fun! My girly girl daughter would seriously love this on her door. And you’re right…you could make one for really any holiday!

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