Family, Firsts, and Fun!

I haven’t posted anything “family” in a very long time, but we had such a great weekend and I wanted to remember it!  So many of you are new to My Heart’s Desire, so welcome to you and to a little glimpse into our family!
First and foremost, Happy Father’s Day to one of the best daddies in the world!  My hubby is so involved and in the mix…every day!  Living away from family, I simply could not do this gig without him.  We make a great team, I love you much!!!

I have the great privilege of having stayed in touch with so many of my friends from Ole Miss, and this past weekend, we met one of my oldest and dearest friends at her family’s lakehouse at Greers Ferry Lake.  Rebecca lives in Memphis, so we see each other only occasionally.
My kids, with the exception of the oldest, have never spent the day on the lake, so it was a fun day full of “firsts” for all of them!  I love this photo above of my girls taking it all in as soon as we got out on the water!
Lainey stood at the edge of the boat for a while before getting her courage up to jump in and swim.  And once she did, there was no stoppin’ her!  I was pleasantly surprised at how much she loved the water, as it was only about three weeks ago that she decided to even put her face underwater at the pool!
Maddie and my friend’s little girl, Caroline, jumping off the boat over and over and over…
John David having a ball despite being the only boy out of 7 kiddos!
The big kids and David took a few jumps off these rock formations!  Again, totally impressed that my typically cautious child was willing to give this a go!  Love it! 
It would not be a good idea to calculate how many ounces of Coke these children took in on Saturday.  Let’s just say, it’s gonna be a water kind of week around here.
Maddie and Caroline on the tube!
Me and John David 
Again, something brand new to JD…he loved it, although he preferred a cruising speed.  
And Maddie’s wish to ride…and drive the jet ski came true!  

We love getting out and about for little day trips around our state.  Arkansas is especially full of terrific sites to visit, and I encourage you to do a little research of your area!  Plan ahead and do something touristy or even better…off the beaten path…near your home!  
 Because David and I did not grow up in Arkansas, nearly everything we do around the state is “new” to our family.  We have loved getting to know Arkansas with our kids via day trips and weekend getaways…most of which cost very little but pay big dividends!
 Greers Ferry Lake in Arkansas is beautiful, and I was so intrigued to learn that the tiny community of Higden, Arkansas, was once nestled in the valley where the lake now stands!  The Army Corp of Engineers created the Greers Ferry Dam between 1959 and 1962, creating the lake, and the town of Higden was re-established nearby.  For years, I’ve heard houses and other structures still remain below the water’s surface.  A little creepy, huh?  

If you live in Arkansas, share your ideas for kid-friendly day trips.  I’d love to hear!

For ideas on places to try near where you live, many states have a handy book like this one to help you plan your outings!  Have fun!

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  1. we havent been in three years but used to go to Ark. often especially before kiddos, John and I such wonderful memories….rafting, hiking, so much sightseeing. Have you been to Hardy, its sort of like pontchatula?

  2. That looks like an awesome time, Amanda! I love spending time on the lake. Your family is beautiful!

  3. We spent a weekend on that lake last summer – such a neat place!