Kids Bowl Free Program!

You may have heard of the Kids Bowl Free program, but if not, I’ll fill you in!  Perhaps, like me, you live in a place where it is too hot to even go outside right now, or have considered signing up for Kids Bowl Free, but just haven’t.  

(I am not being compensated by Kids Bowl Free, just passing along the info!)

Kids Bowl Free is a summer program that allows you to register your kids to play 2 free games of bowling any day all summer!  Here in Little Rock, the program lasts until October 31!

Although it’s rather late in the summer to be telling you about Kids Bowl Free, it’s not too late to sign up, and the last weeks of summer can be brutal treasured time for a stay-at-home mama.
 Even preschoolers can enjoy bowling with lighter bowling balls, lane guards, and ball ramps, shown above!  Ask your local bowling alley for these additional aids, typically at no extra cost.

Registering at Kids Bowl Free is easy.  Simply go to and follow the prompts to register up to six children!  Adults do not bowl free, but there is an option to purchase a Family Pass which allows you/a babysitter/a grandparent unlimited games each visit with the kids.  If you are planning on going many times, this is a deal.

Registration does not include shoe rental, but the cost to rent shoes is very reasonable. 

Once you have registered your kids, click the appropriate state to find participating bowling alleys in your area.  Here, you will find terms and conditions for each facility, including available lane times and age limits, typically 15 and under.   

Login to print your daily coupons directly from the Kids Bowl Free site.  You must present the coupons to play.

All in all, a nice alternative to the pool, endless Wii, and constant pantry grazing!
 Lainey was never lacking in help from three sweet boys with her!
Watch that ball popping out of the return;)!

Have fun bowling!

What are some other indoor options you are taking advantage of this last month of summer?

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  1. What a great activity for kids in the summer and how nice of you to let people know about it.
    So sweet to see the boys helping your Lainey. We have a Lainey also who is 15 now. When she was going to be born my daughter called to ask what I thought about spelling of her name so it would be more feminine and I suggested Delainey. My boys were so helpful with their little sister (Mom of our Lainey) also when she was little. They would read to her, play school, play alot of games, watch out for her.

  2. Oh Bowling… I’m 22 and still need bumpers haha. Looks like such a fun night 🙂

    I stumbled upon your blog via #ARWB and just wanted to say congrats on blog of the month! What an honor 🙂

    I look forward to continuing to read about your beautiful life!


  3. your fruit pizza looked so pretty!

  4. I heard about this but wasn’t sure how it worked. Thanks for the link. My kiddos love to bowl so this would be GREAT!

    My pillow came yesterday. I’m preparing a post for tomorrow. Thanks again!

  5. I like it too!

    Have a nice week!