A Remarkable Day

Every now and again, a
single moment in a single day is simply remarkable.  

It was an ordinary summer day.  Three children home, dreadful temperatures, and a list of
errands I had put off in an attempt to avoid running them with three children.

The list slowly dwindled as
we made stop after stop.  A red
light slowed our car to a stop at a familiar corner in our city.  And there he sat.  His tattered, handwritten sign simply
stated, “I need help.” 
A tender heart inside my car
begged me to empty coins into his hands, and I explained to her that perhaps it
was better to offer a meal or a fresh drink.  Like I always say. 
Yet I had never stopped to
offer either.
Oh yes, I see similar souls
perched at the light where I turn left to reach the mall where I am headed to buy
overpriced eye shadow.  My heart aches
for them, yet…I avoid eyes and turn up the music. 
 Last week at the stoplight closer to our home, we pulled away
as the light turned green, and I had a choice.  Keep driving home or go back.  Nervous blood pumped hard through my veins as I pulled into
the gas station to buy water and Gatorade. 
Looping back around, I
prayed silently that traffic would allow us to stop close to the man who sat
baking in the Arkansas sun. In no coincidence, traffic stopped us eye-to-eye.
This time I turned the music down. 
“Sir, would you like some cold water?”  He ambled over to the window, took the water from my child’s
hands, politely declined the Gatorade (notable seeing how desperately hot he
was), and thanked us profusely in a cadence revealing a lifetime of
Before the light ever turned
green, he eagerly gulped.  And in a
moment we will not soon forget, he leaned his head forward and down and let the
cool water rush over his head and neck. 
And my child wept. 
My strong-willed, yet ohso-tender-hearted child literally was the hand of Jesus
reaching out a car window to meet a real, felt need.  
I cannot help but be
reminded of how many times I cry out these same exact words.  “I need help!”  Jesus has lovingly answered my cries
for help in unique and unexpected ways over the years thru real people offering
real help.  He sees us.
It was a remarkable
Not because we gave water to
a man in need.  It was remarkable
because of what we missed all the times we didn’t.

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  1. What a great story and one your children will probably never forget. One day it will be them in the car circling back to help someone in need.

  2. What a wonderful post! Your child will always remember that moment.

  3. I just found my way here via Arkansas Women Bloggers and wanted to thank you for this story. I wonder why it’s so hard to stop and help sometimes. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh, the tender heart of your little one has me sitting here with tears in my eyes. What a sweet, sweet moment. And what a great mom to teach that one to be the hands and feet of Christ — which we are called to be!

  5. Beautiful! I love how Jesus flowed through you to all of us–thanks!

  6. Beautiful! I love how Jesus flowed through you to all of us–thanks!

  7. That’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing! It’s awesome that we have a GOOD GOD that will never turn the other day when we need help… :) Praise the Lord!

  8. Oh! This is such a beautifully written post! Thank you for sharing! Very touching!!!!! Hugs to you!

  9. Oh Amanda, I tears are swelling in my eyes right now. This was amazingly beautiful, and completely what I needed to read today. What a beautiful story. This post was water to my very thirsty soul right now. Thank you for being brave enough to write this story!!

  10. I know exactly which light you are talking about. I am so guilty of turning away, mainly for safety sake, but even that’s not a good reason when the kids aren’t with me. Thanks for sharing. This post inspires me to do better next time I am at this light on the way to the mall.

  11. WOw. Thank you for sharing this. I wonder how many remarkable moments we’ve missed. I love your perspective on this!

  12. Pouring home or go back. Anxious blood pump firm from side to side veins as pull into the gas station to buy irrigate and Gatorade.

  13. Great and interesting blog. Really it is such a memorable day for all of you.