Top 5 Things I Learned at The Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference

Speaker Lela Davidson (photo courtesy of Instead of the Dishes)

This past weekend, I spent part of the weekend with bloggers from all over the state of Arkansas at the Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference.  Thanks to Stephanie, Beth, Julie, and Fawn for a top-notch conference full of great content, fun, and fantastic goodies to bring home!

AWB’s version of Iron Chef! (photo courtesy of Instead of the Dishes)

I am admittedly not a conference-lover.  Hanging out with virtual strangers 24-7, making awkward small talk, feeling like everyone is already “connected” with one another…it’s all pretty draining.  But….this past weekend, Arkansas girls proved themselves genuine, authentic, and okay with the fact that although we are all different, we are still a fabulous community.

At the start of the weekend, I grabbed my camera so as not to miss any little thing, but I quickly realized I was really, really tired from a crazy week.  I had to unplug.  Thus, the severe lack of photos.  The awesomeness gleaned, though, makes up for the lack of proof that I was there:)

While I took page after page of notes, here are
five top things I took away from the Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference:

1.  An old-fashioned paper atlas must be in my vehicle at all times.  To heck with fancy GPS systems and four “routes” my Iphone suggests.  

This is an actual screen shot of the map my husband’s barber sent me.  My sweet and very patient husband was manning my trip from the barber’s chair, and I still managed to end up in Batesville, Arkansas.  Yeah, you can’t see Batesville on this map.  Help me.

2.  My vision and reason for blogging was solidified.   Exciting changes are brewing here at My Heart’s Desire, so stay tuned!  

3.  Twitter is cooler than Facebook.  Shoot.  

4.  Bloggers are people just like me and you with real stories, real joy, real pain.  It was fascinating to meet the faces behind the blogs.  Every single person we meet has an interesting story to tell.

5.  Bloggers are difference-makers.  At this conference, there were published authors, school teachers, grandmothers, journalists, stay-at-home moms, businesswomen, artists, and more.  I consider it a privilege to have been among these women who are undoubtedly difference-makers in their worlds.

And I would be remiss to leave out the highlight of the weekend…one precious blogger got the surprise of her life when her boyfriend showed up to propose!  You can meet Gina, visit her blog, and read the story here.  

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  1. What fun! We learned the hard way not to always trust a gps when we drove to West Virginia to ski. In a HUGE snow storm. Us Georgia folks didn’t know what to do!!

    Looking forward to changes!!! Not that I don’t love ya know. You know what I mean!!

  2. So happy you liked it and got something out of it! can’t wait to see what is in store for My Heart’s desire!


  3. What!?!?! Twitter!?!?! No way!

    You have got to spill the beans girl!

    Can. Not. Wait to see all that is going to happen to you!!!!

  4. I was really happy to meet you over the weekend and I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re doing with your space here. I know it will be amazing. Just like you.

  5. Great post, and thanks for the shout out on the photos. Glad they found purpose. I am sad that we didn’t get to chat much, but I’m guessing that’s a good thing – it means I never spotted you sitting alone without someone to talk to!

  6. I’ve been meaning to tell you ever since your calendar girl feature how much I love your blog – the header, layout and focus are so inspiring!

    So, I definitely can’t wait to see what you’ve got in mind.

    Thank you, thank you for coming to AWBU and loving it for exactly what it is – we have such a hard time conveying the specialness (yeah, non-word, I know!) sometimes.

    Welcome to Twitter, welcome to Arkansas Women Bloggers (again) and huge hugs and support for all you will do next. Looking forward to getting to know you better before next year!


  7. It was great talking with you at AWBU! And yes, Twitter is cooler. Also a MUCH bigger time suck. 😉

  8. I’m so glad we had time to chat at lunch on Saturday. Your advice was very helpful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and guidance. Love your blog!

  9. Now I’m dying to know what changes are coming.
    Great recap! This is an exciting time to be an Arkansas blogger.

  10. I regret that we didn’t get to really meet at AWBU since I left early. Let’s catch up via twitter, shall we? @nwafoodie

    aka Lyndi

  11. I know, I learned about Instagram and how to actually use Twitter this weeekend too! (Who knew?)

  12. Hi Amanda!
    I’m from Arkansas, originally, so that sure sounds like a fun time to me! It’s funny you mentioned Batesville. My mom and dad used to live in Melbourne and we’d go to the Wal-Mart there to shop…that’s about all they had!;)

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  14. It’s great to see you on Twitter, which I personally love 😉 Really enjoyed this AWBU post and especially adore the line: “Blogger are difference-makers.” I believe that.

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  16. Sounds like you had a great time!!! I hate I didn’t get to go this year. Hopefully next year. Twitter is cooler than Facebook? ugh! Guess I’m not cool. Oh well! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in the works.

  17. Great post. I’m so glad I got to meet you and to visit even for just a bit. I will keep checking back to see what new things you are doing:)

  18. Again, great meeting you. And, yes, twitter is cooler than facebook. I’ll catch up with you over there! 🙂

  19. I loved your post! It was amazing to have such a diverse group of ladies, but we were all there to make a difference. I enjoyed cooking with you and getting to know you! Keep in touch!

  20. Great Blog! But, I must say I don’t understand the love for Twitter. Please share why you all love Twitter so much. I had it when it first came out and I cancelled it. I didn’t see the point. Why should i check it out again? Is it something I should definitely have when I start my blog?

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