Framed Baby Bibs

Tears immediately sprang to my eyes when the framer first brought this out to me.   His kind response told me I wasn’t the first mother to cry when he revealed his work.  I love everything about this piece…it represents life, displays love, and tells a story.

Years ago, I saw a piece similar to this one in my dear friend, Claire’s, home, and I tucked away these three bibs and the idea.  This piece is a combination of my own baby bib and gifts to my own babies, although they didn’t wear theirs often.
 Delicate embroidery and details make these bibs works of art in and of themselves!
This one shown above is 37 years old.  The faint stains and wear give it sweet character.  Assuredly, in Mississippi circa 1975, this one was well-worn.
Three babies, three bibs, three stories.  I will treasure these always.
Don’t have bibs to frame?  Keep your eye out for old bibs at antique stores!

Perhaps you have a box of keepsakes under a bed or in the attic full of treasures that tell their own stories.  Baby clothes, Christening gowns, or antique toys, cups, and spoons.  

Quality framing often requires a decent financial investment, but it is well-worth saving for!  

For my local readers, Phil Langly at Happenstance inside the Crystal Hill Antique Mall is a true artist and responsible for many pieces that I will grab in a fire, like this Framed Hymnal.

Have you decorated with family heirlooms or keepsakes?   Share your ideas with us, if so!

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  1. What a neat idea! I’ll definitely have to keep this one in mind! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Shared the different types framed and interesting also we can maintain and design photo frame our baby bips. When we desire know that frame then we will used in this frame.

  3. What a cute idea! I have so many things that I love and want to keep around but don’t know how to display them. Thanks for the ideas! :))

  4. Amazing post! I initially found your blog a week or so ago, and I want to subscribe to your RSS feed.

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  5. How precious!

  6. Oh gosh! These are just beautiful. My children didn’t have any bibs like this but I might PRETEND that they did and be on the lookout for 2 boys and 1 girl bib like this in thirft stores, etc. to frame them like you did. I saw your post over at Amanda’s “Serenity Now”.

  7. What an adorable and sentimental piece of art!! I would love for you to come share your blog at my Get Social link party that’s live right now!

  8. What an adorable and sentimental piece of art!! I would love for you to come share your blog at my Get Social link party that’s live right now!

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  10. Amanda: These are so precious! Love how each one tells a story, and how much emotion you felt when you saw the finished product. Such a lovely idea. So glad to have you part of our heart+home gathering… featuring your post at tomorrow’s link up! 🙂
    – L