Blogtober Fest Day 2-Halloween Memories

Welcome to Day 2 of Blogtober Fest!  Thanks again to the creative minds who are hosting at Arkansas Women Bloggers!  If you are in Arkansas, be sure to connect with the AWB community…a fabulous group of encouragers and resources and fun!

Today’s topic is “Halloween Memories!”  Walking down memory lane (all the way back to 1977) to prepare today’s post, was fun for my whole family!

While digging through old family photos, I came across this one of me from 1977.  Wonder if I trick-or-treated in a smocked dress?

Fast forward to 1984.  For years, we made a quick stop by our grandparents’ to show them our costumes and trick-or-treated their close neighbors before we headed back to our own street.  For some reason, this photo depicts such a simpler time.  

And October of 2008, married with three kids later!  Lainey’s first Halloween.
And one of my favorite Halloween photos ever.  Lainey, age 1 1/2 as a bumblebee.
Trick-or-treating her own house over.and over.and over.
Halloween night is always a fun night as a family and a neighborhood.  
If your kids are like mine, they’ve been planning what they will be for months!  

What are some of your Halloween traditions or memories?

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  1. You have a beautiful family! Such cute memories…

  2. Great photos! They grow up so fast…

  3. Very Cute! My kids have been planning but keep changing their minds!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The little kid costume are great! Thanks for all the fun photos.

  5. Such a beautiful family!!! I love the pictures!

  6. Sweet little Laney – love that bumblebee photo. Halloween is a fun family night for us as well. Hot dogs & Frito-Chili-Pie at my sister’s and then candy-beggin’ in Aberdeen. 🙂

  7. I love all the neighborhood kids gather together!

  8. We used to wait to go trick or treating until our neighbors came so we could see what their costumes were. Such great memories!

  9. We were raggedy Anne and Andy and I’m pretty sure it was 1984! How funny!

  10. Such sweeties! I wish I had little ones to celebrate Halloween with 🙂

  11. I love the old-school costumes, and your children are just adorable!

  12. I’m beginning to realize that everyone had to stop by their grandparents’ homes in their costumes as children. Great photos!

  13. Such a gorgeous family:) Thanks for sharing.

  14. So cute. We should have trick-or-treated our own house last year. Anna got scared before we even got to the neighbor’s door (they were having a teenager party) so she didn’t do any real trick-or-treating at all. But this year she’s ready!

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