Blogtober Fest Day 4-Promote a Post from the Past

Hi there!  If you are visiting from Blogtober Fest, welcome to Day 4!  Click HERE to visit some other blogs from around the state!

Todays topic is “Promote a Post From the Past.” I’m taking you back to June of 2009 today…

As of yesterday at around 10 am, we are unemployed.  Did I say unemployed?  I think I did.  Yes, I definitely did.   

A new journey begins for us as David leaves Abbott after 10+ years there.  Everybody asks, “How are you?”  How are we.  Well, it depends on which second of the day you ask us….Continue Reading the rest of the story

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  1. I like the idea of promoting a post from the past… especially because it takes me down memory lane and makes me see, smile or cry when I see where I was exactly a year ago… cool idea… and no… I am not stopping by from Blogtober Fest … I just wanted to say hi!

  2. one of my favorite reasons for blogging…seeing my past!! Great intro to your post from the past!!

  3. Not only do we have the post (like a journal) but you have those sweet comments. Reasons to blog.

  4. Such a great post! Love being able to look back in the past!

  5. Loved it!

  6. Obviously you grew and survived it! A great post…

  7. the muffins look very yummy~ going to try my hand at them. Enjoyed playing catch-up with you.

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