Middle School, a New Blog, and quick Hello!

Hello lovely friends and readers!  I am still alive here.  The blog has not floated to never-never land, although I feel as though I have been there a few times over these last weeks! 

Fall sports, homework (lots), daily chaos that comes with a family, and helping my 6th grader navigate the murky waters of middle school have literally demanded my time and energy, and rightfully so….BUT…a fun and exciting item I’ve been working on with Lauren at MercyINK is developing a brand new look and feel for the blog, and it’s coming soon, oh so very soon!

Next week is a big week here at My Heart’s Desire!  The blog is getting a facelift, a name change, and a move to WordPress!  I don’t want to lose you in the switch, so please, pretty please be sure to check back often so you can join me!

And if you have any sage advice for parenting a middle-schooler well, I am open to hearing it!  Wow!  What a shock it has been witnessing friendships change, bodies change, moods change, and workloads change.  6th grade has been really, really hard.  Like sobbing-in-my-car-after-I-drop-her-off-hard. 
So if I’m posting less, please know it’s not because I want to!  Launching the new blog and loving Maddie through some really tough stuff, as well as being present to my littles and my very patient hubby, is all-consuming.

I know God is a “God who sees us” and “never leaves us,” so I cling to those promises in this very full season.  

I genuinely would love to hear from you older moms on the topic of middle school!  Leave a comment or drop me an email if you’ve been there, done that.  What worked for you and your family.  What would you do differently?

And don’t forget to be looking out for all the details regarding the new blog!

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  1. I’ve got 6th grade coming next year with my daughter. Not looking forward to it a whole lot! Maybe we can shuffle through together. I’ll bet you’re doing a fantastic job, though. 😉

  2. Girl!!!! I completely understand! I just endured 3 years of middle school with the twins! Call or email me anytime! It’s tough!! 🙁

  3. Amanda, my granddaughter must be at your daughter’s school! She is also a sixth grader and has a cheerleading uniform just like that one!

  4. Homeschool!!