Feta Burgers

A few years ago, one of my husband’s coworkers shared this twist on the traditional burger…adding feta cheese!  We grill burgers often around here, so every once in a while, a Feta-Stuffed Burger is a welcomed variation! 

Feta Burgers

1 lb. ground beef 
Feta cheese (block or crumbled)
Worcestershire sauce
Salt and Pepper

If you are using block feta, thinly slice two pieces for each patty.  
Divide meat into three equal portions.  Divide each portion in half.  Make very thin patties with each half.
Place sliced feta or 2 Tablespoons or so of crumbled feta on three patties.  Top each patty with the remaining patty halves.  Press edges to close seams, securing feta in the middle.  

Sprinkle each side of each burger with Worcestershire and salt and pepper to taste.  

Grill over low heat until desired doneness. 

Makes three 1/3 lb. burgers.  

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  2. Have mercy. That looks DIVINE. I must try!!

  3. Yummy! I cannot wait to try this.

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  5. Those burgers look delicious!
    I’m going to definitely try them!!

    Side Note:
    I just came across your blog and I LOVE IT! The only problem is I can’t figure out how to follow you, so I’m curious if you’ll follow me so I’ll be able to find you again.
    ::Fingers Crossed::


  6. I never liked feta cheese until recently. I love it with chicken and spinach dishes so I’m going to try this too!