Christmas Books for Children


Nothing takes me back to childhood quite like reading a Christmas book that was a favorite of mine 30+ years ago!
If you have little people living at home or grandchildren who love to be read to,  you probably have a few of these already, but perhaps you will discover a new title that can become part of your collection!
So here is my list, and I’d love to hear yours in the comments!
Do you remember this classic, The Sweet Smell of Christmas?  This one will take you back with just a sniff.
Santa Mouse, my husband’s favorite Christmas book as a little boy!
The Crippled Lamb…sweet, thought-provoking, and beautifully illustrated.
Magical!  Love this precious story!
You can quote this one!
The Night Tree…love, love, love this one!  A charming story you don’t want to miss.
I’ve posted this one for Easter, as well, and it’s a beautiful story for any time of year.  The manger plays a role in this tale, making it a great addition to our Christmas collection.
“Everyone’s favorite woolly sheep is ‘baaaack’ in a Christmas story perfect for any eager child awaiting Santa’s arrival.”
A happy, silly, rhyming story about some clever cows and how they save their Christmas.
A classic for every child!
We never get tired of this one!
“That cold winter’s night, beneath the star’s light…a Little One came for the world.”
A personal favorite…Mr Willowby’s tree is too tall, so he asks his butler to chop off the top.  What happens to the treetop?  A charming, classic, Christmas tale!
A sweet story my friend Shelley told me about.  Heartwarming and appropriate for older children, too.
I Spy Christmas…fun for all ages.  One of our all-time favorite books!  Beautiful pictures and loads of fun!
Every Christmas, my dear childhood friend, Claire, or my mom add a new Christmas book to our collection, so our shelf is quite full.  We never tire of these!
I’d love to hear about your favorite Christmas books!  Leave a comment with your favorite ones!
 Merry Christmas Reading!
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  1. I collected many Christmas books when my children were small (they are 25 and 19 now). We had a few of those you showed. In fact, your first one “The Sweet Smell of Christmas” was our very favorite that got read over and over….even after it quit smelling. We’d sniff the stickers anyway and act like we could still smell the tree and the pies baking.

  2. You may like my Christmas book for children, The Rescueteers’ Christmas Mission. I am getting great reviews. I am reading the entire story on YouTube. Give the kids a real treat and Let them hear a little Irish storytelling over the Holidays. On my website,, I am also giving a free mp3 & ebook away of my first children’s novel Nanny Reilly.

    Merry Christmas to All

  3. Sandy Hudson says:

    Amanda, we still have G’s “The Smells of Christmas” and I ordered a new one for S. for the holidays.

  4. Susan berry says:

    Our family loved “TheSweet Smell of Christmas”!! It was read and loved so much that it fell apart . I have the pages carefully saved.. We also loved the Golden Books — Santa’sWorkshop,, Rudolph, the Night Before Christma.
    Thank you for bringing wonderful memories to mind! Merry Christmas

  5. Wanted to add two favorite’s of ours, Gingerbread Mouse by Katy Bratun and A Wish to be a Christmas Tree by Colleen Monroe.

  6. I am stopping by from Serenity Now’s linky party. So glad I did, several of these books I have not read but they look great!