Craigslist Hutch Makeover with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint


Whew!  I have waited a very long time for this post!

I’ve been on the hunt for a large piece of furniture for our kitchen for years.  Now, by “hunt,” I should say, I’ve been dreaming of buying an expensive, beautiful hutch.  Thanks to inspiring bloggers and lots of Pinterest pins of painted hutches, it dawned on me that I, too, could find and paint my own.  So the real hunt began!  And let me tell ya, hutches similar to this one are often on Craigslist, even in a smaller market like ours (Little Rock, AR).  These pieces were so popular  in recent decades, and people are readily selling them, so be on the lookout if you have a space for one!

Because this hutch is so heavy, this original Craigslist photo is the only one I have with the hutch attached!  Once we got it home, it didn’t come back together until after the makeover.


With the help of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint experts at my local ASCP retailer, White Goat, we went with “Old Ochre,” complementing the “Duck Egg” ASCP on my kitchen table (which I’ll show you soon!!).  “Old Ochre” is a rich, creamy neutral and a bit darker than the popular “Old White,” but still very light.

I painted this beauty right inside the kitchen, and immediately, I was in love with chalk paint!  No sanding and priming =  a happy girl.  You can see in this photo below that I took out the decorative wood piece from the middle open shelf…a little dated and easily yanked out removed and repaired with wood filler.  Much better!


I painted the brass hardware with Rustoleum’s Oil-Rubbed Bronze spray paint, learning the hard way that it must be done right the first time!  The short version includes using steel wool to “roughen it up,” priming with metal spray primer, using steel wool again to smooth out any bubbles in the dried primer, then carefully spraying with the Oil-Rubbed Bronze.  Detailed post coming soon.

It was hard to get a great photo of the actual color of the Oil-Rubbed Bronze.  It is very dark, but still has a beautiful bronze-y finish, not as black as it appears below.


Here she is naked, but with new paint and new hardware!  I so love the classic, clean finish of two coats of Old Ochre and an application of clear wax that I decided against distressing…for now.  Down the road, I may distress and switch out the glass for chicken wire.


The perfect home for several wedding gifts that only have been rotated in and out as centerpieces or mantel decor year in and year out.  They are much happier here!  The white vase belonged to my grandmother.  I love having little touches of her here and there in my house!

Thinking of painting the little lamp.  Any ideas?


This hutch transformation may or may not have started an addiction to Craigslist and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  And my sweet hubby will never doubt me again;)


Stay tuned for the kitchen table reveal!

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  1. This is gorgeous!! We did something similar with a china cabinet last year and it is one of my favorite pieces. Can’t wait to see your table. 🙂

  2. So lovely. I’m in the process of redoing a hutch and table that came from my mom. She and my dad bought it before I was born so it’s been around a while. I’m a little nervous but I’m inspired by all the projects I’ve seen online. I hope mine comes out as nice as yours.

    • Patti, You can do it if I can, I promise!! Google anything you have questions about and watch a video tutorial. They are all over the internet and so helpful!

  3. Oh me Oh my! I’d not have looked at this piece at all due to it’s datedness but you have made it a wonderful kitchen hutch! I am VERY impressed!

    Can you tell me about the paint? I’d love to try this come warmer weather!

  4. That looks amazing!!!!!!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  5. Love love love this! I’m so sad that I passed up a similar Craigslist find here in NC. Oh the possibilities! You did an amazing job!

  6. What a beautiful color you chose! I’ve been wanting to try AS chalk paint for a long time. This buffet makes me want to even more!


  7. Beautiful!! Great job Amanda!! I love the color & I adore the way you decorated it! Can’t wait to see your kitchen table!!

  8. It looks fabulous! And you’re right, I have seen these on Craigslist a lot. (I live on the gulf coast of Florida). Good job!

    • Thanks, Jan! Yes, they are pretty frequently listed, so that’s a good thing. Hopefully people selling them won’t key in to the bloggers’ run on them:)

  9. Great transformation! LOVE it!

  10. I’d like to invite you to link up to Show and Tell Saturday at Sassy Little Lady!


  11. Oh my gosh, this is gorgeous!

  12. What a huge difference! I love the new look of it 🙂 Saw your link at Six Sisters and thought I’d come over and check it out.

    I’d love for you to stop by and link up a few recipes at my weekend link party “The Weekend re-Treat” that is going on right now too!

    Hope to see you there!

  13. This is absolutely gorgeous! What a great colour.We are lucky enough to be getting Chalk Paint in Australia within the next few weeks! So so excited!!

  14. This looks fantastic! Great job Amanda!

  15. you did a great job! I’m currently on the hunt for a similar hutch!

    Thanks for linking up! I featured your post in my wrap up have a great weekend!

  16. What a great transformation!!!! Love the bright cream! I would love if you could share this over at our blog hop

  17. Wow! This turned out so well. Just gorgeous.

  18. wow! What a great transformation! You did a wonderful job of painting that ‘find’…my area doesn’t have such nice things (at a good price) on Criagslist. You are right, it is hard to tell the difference between ‘Old White’ and ‘Old Ochre’ unless you see them next to each other and then you can see that the Ochre is darker.

  19. Okay now I want to try chalk paint. No priming or painting? Wow

  20. Amazing job! Glad you had success turning your ugly duckling into a beautiful swan!

  21. Oh wow! I love what you did with this piece, right down to the handles….I just had my own struggle with handles on a dresser re-do where I thought the Oil Rubbed Bronze was too dark. Yours look perfect. Don’t you just love ASCP? I used to write about all sorts of DIY things and all I want to do these days is furniture makeovers. Your cabinet turned out to be just gorgeous!

  22. Gorgeous transformation on this hutch. Excellent job!!

  23. Okay girl!! This looks so stinking amazing. I am not kidding. I had given up on refurbishing old furniture, but you’ve got me motivated again. I love this. AND you need to let me know when your neighbors move so we can move in and I can learn all your wise ways!!!

  24. Beautiful! You styled it nicely too!

  25. Well, this looks terrific, especially with your pretty blue and white pieces on the shelves. Great find!

  26. Beautiful makeover, love it!! You did a great job, like the new hardware also. Found you through Coastal Charm. Have a great week!
    Susan @ Rustic ReDiscovered

  27. Looks great! I just bought a big dresser (and so heavy!) in the same style, so I’m glad to hear the chalk paint worked well even with that super shiny original finish.

  28. AHHH that looks AMAZING Now! How did you ever see the potential in the original??? Lovely! I came over from Tuesday Talent Show….I would love for you to come over and share your talent at my Tuesday party!

    • Emily,
      Sorry for the delay, I just found your comment in spam! I had actually scoured Pinterest with the sole purpose of looking at before and afters, so after alot of looking, I knew this piece would work! Never in a million years would I have been able to envision it without Pinterest!

  29. Absolutely Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. You did an amazing job. Now, I am off to search craigslist too!!!

    Marilyn C.

  30. That is beautiful! I have a hutch in my kitchen that is really similar to this one. I seriously might try to do this makeover! Thanks for linking up to Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop!

  31. Gorgeous!

  32. Gorgeous! This is absolutely beautiful! Great job!

    I would like to invite you to link up to my linky party, Thrifty Thursday!

    Hope to see you there!


  33. That turned out so pretty!!! I love the color you chose; it freshened the look so much! You did an awesome job!!
    Selene @

  34. Very Beautiful! Looks stunning all decked out. 🙂

  35. Lovely. I love the fact that you did not distress (yet). I often consider leaving my pieces with a solid coat of chalk-paint. Just went through that with a vanity chair I am working. The transformation has been a journey (will be posting about it in a few days). Now, and thanks to you, I’m off to search Craig’s List. Thanks.

  36. Great project, Amanda. You are inspiring. Would love for you to share at my linky party going on right now.

    Thanks, Nichi – The Mandatory Mooch

  37. Love Love Love it!!! {I saw your link on the Inspiration Gallery at Crafty, Scrappy, Happy!} Nice Work!

  38. The vision fulfilled! It is beautiful! I have just gotten back to refinishing and haven’t tried the chalk paint! You really don’t have to sand? Sounds great!

  39. Looks so much improved!!! I love the creamy paint color with the dark hardware.

  40. It looks great! How much paint did you need to get to cover your entire cabinet and hutch? I have been hearing a lot of great things about the chalk paint and am considering repainting an old bed that we have. Thanks for sharing!

  41. Amanda Deloach says:

    Hi Amanda, I am about to paint a pine hutch that I had made for me about 15 years ago. I have some off white trim paint, that I have been using on other smaller pieces, then I go over it with walnut stain and that gives me the antiqued look I like…but I am really interested in this chalk paint so I won’t have to sand etc because it does have polyurethane on it. My hutch is about 1/3 again wider than the one you have shown here. Can you tell me about the wax that you use to go over the chalk paint. The word chalk makes me think of a dry powdery feeling like a chalk board and I don’t want that. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  42. Wow! Looks great. I just finished a buffet with AS old white. Love it!

  43. Wow! What a transformation! I am a HUGE fan of the Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint – it’s my go-to spray paint for just about everything! Pinned and will be featuring this week! Thank you SO much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!

  44. Amanda, you have out-done yourself on this one… it’s GORGEOUS!!! I’m aching to paint an old armoire , just gotta decide on the color!

  45. It is beautiful! Excellent job and I love the hubby comment! He will listen to you now!~
    Thanks for sharing!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  46. amanda–amazing transformation. Love what you did with this hutch. thanks for sharing at catch as catch can, catching you this week.

  47. Hi! I have been eyeing a piece almost identical to this at my local thrift store. However, she is asking $250 for it. Would you mind sharing what you bought yours for? I feel like $250 is pretty steep for an older, used piece of furniture, but maybe my perspective is off. Yours turned out amazing! 🙂

  48. Hmm, really a nice transformation! I am now thinking seriously about doing this to the dark reddish brown buffet I inherited from my mom and also to the oak and glass cabinet to top it with that was in my craft room. Do you need more than one coat over darker wood?

  49. It looks amazing! Thanks for sharing this at my Pin Me Linky Party. I hope you come visit & link again.

  50. You did an amazing job! I love it.

  51. I love this. It turned out just great. Thanks so much for sharing it on the Project Inspired link party this week.

  52. I have this very exact same hutch…..I had just recently bought a new one for the dining room because this one was so dated, we had bought it at an estate sale and ended up buying the house too :)….i am definitely going to get my hands on some Annie Sloan chalk paint and try this for myself…..I think the chicken wire is a GREAT idea! Look forward to seeing your table!

    • Crystal! Forgive my delay! So much going on in my life:) I hope you paint the hutch…it is my favorite piece of furniture in my house!! I’d love to see the chicken wire if you get brave:)

  53. michelle campbell says:

    Amanda you have inspired meeeeee…..guess what!!!! i have this hutch and the whole dining room set! a hand me down from my mother! i have thought about painting it but was so scared too…now that i see how yours turned out im doing it!!!!! Thank you soooooo much, im so excited now!!!

    • Michelle! Sorry for the crazy delay in responding!! So much going on in my crazy life!! Send me pics if you paint your hutch. I promise, if I can do it, you can. I am no expert!!

  54. Amanda,
    I am planning to paint our kitchen cabinets with this old ochre, and it has 35 doors. Do you think I just can leave the doors while painting. I looked at your picture and see you paint the hinges with chalk paint.

    • Henny,
      I would recommend asking someone who paints professionally, esp since you are painting something as significant as kitchen cabinets. Look around on Pinterest at painted hardware…I painted mine for ease’s sake, but I’m unsure if I would do it on cabinets. If you do decide to paint everything, including hinges, then yes, I believe you could just leave the doors on. Just be sure to get the bristles down in the crevices!! Send me a pic if you paint them, I’d be interested to see! Thanks for stopping by. Amanda

  55. This is a terrific make over! I have started painting furniture too, and the one thing I have trouble with is seeing the possibility in a piece. I would have probably passed this over. I have much to learn!

    • Virginia,
      I agree that it’s hard to picture it, but I scoured Pinterest and one day it just “clicked”. I knew exactly what I was looking for, and pieces like this are all over Craigslist! Let me know if you find one! It’s so satisfying to redo a fun piece like this one!

  56. Eluzabeth says:

    I seriously can’t believe I just found your makeover of this hutch!!! I just refurbished one exactly like it that was my mother in-laws!!!

  57. Natalie M says:

    Oh, I have hope again in doing mine! I was scared I’d getting into it & having to strip, sand, prime. So thrilled to know I can just paint! Thank you!

  58. Linda Christianson says:

    Beautiful job! I am planning on painting a old hutch for my Mom. It is very similar to this one with glass in the side doors. Do you have any tips on keeping the paint off the glass for a nice clean professional look? Thanks

  59. Your “new” hutch is gorgeous! I was wondering, if I could use the same paint on a hutch I got from my mother, but it isn’t solid wood, just veneer. Any thoughts, it’s probably circa 1980’s.

  60. Hi Amanda,
    The hutch looks stunning! It caught my eye right away, as I am painting my dining table, at present, with ASC, as well, and chose not to distress it either!! I love the clean and fresh look your hutch has. I am new to your blog, but will be visiting regularly! Thanks for inspiring me! Oh, and by the way, I am from Jonesboro, AR.


  61. It’s amazing how a coat of paint will transform something outdated into something beautiful. Great job!

  62. I love a good furniture makeover! This piece is beautiful. Really nice hardware and I love your styling. Thanks for linking up to The Creative Circle.

  63. I love seeing the power of paint! This hutch looks so much brighter and fresher now! Lovely makeover! Thanks for linking up with us at The Creative Circle!

  64. Kenna Elkins says:

    That is gorgeous, I have that exact hutch that was given to me by my great aunt, I’ve been wanting to do something to update it, love the way yours turned out, thanks for posting

  65. Chris Merrill says:

    Congratulations! It is gorgeous, fresh, amazing! You must be so pleased with how it turned out!

  66. Ann Maas says:

    How do you know how much paint you will need for a project like this??


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