Books for Kids–Family Favorites

Favorite Kids Books

My children love to be read to, and although my older kids read on their own now, they still sneak in now and again while we are reading to Lainey to hear a story for the millionth time.  There’s something comforting about favorite childhood books.  Perhaps it’s the innocence of the stories, the familiar voice of the reader, or getting to be close and quiet at the end of the day.

If you are like me, the nighttime routine can be brutal…dinner, bath, and bedtime for three kids is like manual labor immediately after a marathon.  Hard.  On occasion, I beg and plead and bribe to skip books, but it never works:).  It’s just what we do.  And deep down, I love that it’s just what we do. Plus, my youngest is five, so these years are shorter and shorter.

I found this picture from so many years ago…we only had two kids at the time…and yes, I was just as tired as I look in the picture!

Favorite Kids Books 1

Over the years here at the blog, I’ve posted our favorite Christmas Books for Kids, favorite Easter Books for Kids, and favorite Back-To-School Books for Kids.  My mom was a preschool teacher for many years, so she has given us multitudes of childrens’ books, creating quite a collection!  I’m sharing our favorites today, and these are all types of childrens’ books, not for any particular holiday or occasion.

As I started writing this post, I kept thinking, “Awww, this was Maddie’s favorite!  Or “Oh, this is my favorite…no, this is my favorite!”  Perhaps I should say that at some point in time over the last 12 years, each one of these has been dubbed “favorite” by somebody in our family!  And the list of books could go on and on, but for time’s sake, here are some of the highlights.

Favorite Kids Books

Books for Kids-Family Favorites

These books are for ages “little bitty” to early elementary.

 Starting at the top left corner…

Curious George –any of these!
Little Quack –Several in series.  Adorable books!
The Very Hungry Caterpillar–Who can resist this one?
Goodnight Moon–Do you remember where the mouse is on the color pages?
Don’t Laugh, Joe–Hysterical!
Cars and Trucks and Things That Go–Hunt for “Goldbug” on each page…and I can still hear John David saying, “Ders da tah-wit tah” (“There’s the carrot car”).  LOVE this book.
Julius, The Baby of the World–I can laugh just thinking about this book!  Perfect for big brother or sisters getting ready for a new sibling!
Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go to Sleep–Charming, cozy book!  You will want to curl up with Willa and Willoughby!
Traditional Nursery Rhyme Board Books–Skip to My Lou, Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, and The Wheels on the Bus.
The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings-Sweet life lessons for little…and big…hearts.
Pajama Time-our favorite of many wonderful books by Sandra Boynton.
Down by the Cool of the Pool–by Tony Mitton.  Fun, energetic book about a frog and his friends!
The Kissing Hand–a Back-to-School book, but a favorite of ours all year long.
Go, Dog, Go!–my kids love the anticipation of the “big…dog…party!”
Imogene’s Antlers–another silly book that guarantees lots of giggles.
I am a Bunny–one of the first books each of my children memorized and always asked for when they were little bitty.
The Jesus Storybook Bible–Scripture told in a story-like, understandable fashion for the very young.

Now I want to hear your favorite chidrens’ books!  Share them in the comments so others can see them, too!

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  1. Oh, so many wonderful books! I love readign with my class of boys and can’t wait to share books with my own kids, should I ever be blessed enough to have children!

  2. I am over from Kelly’s Korner and I just love your blog. I love that you put a picture of you reading to your littles. Precious! I think you look great! I wish I looked that good when it was time for bed ha! I look a hot mess! Little Quack we just got last year and Kelcee loves that book and we have read Goodnight Moon since she was born. We love it. We got it at one of my baby showers. Oh the Jesus Storybook looks awesome I will have to buy that for K! I believe reading is so very important! I started reading to her in the womb and she is on a third grade reading level in Kindergarten! Oh I forgot to put Pete the Cat books on my blog K loves those. I have some friends that our teachers so that does help! That is awesome your mom is one! Teacher’s do not get the recognition they deserve! Tell your mom thanks for teaching young minds! It is truly a gift!

  3. We just got my daughter “I Am A Bunny” for her birthday last year on the recommendation of some good friends and she LOVES it. Also Cars and Trucks and Things That Go is my son’s favourite book right now. I too love reading to my kids and try to remember that this is such a short season of life.

    • It IS such a short season:)! My oldest two are totally out of the preschool years and it seems like yesterday all three of them were all so small.

  4. I know what you mean about favorites! At one point or another, we have probably “favorited” most of the books we have!

  5. Hi! found you on a linkup! I’m a new follower!