Finalizing Summer Plans–Consider Pine Cove Family Camp!


If you have school-aged children, you may be like me and are finalizing summer activities to stay sane broaden their horizons.  Each of my children has one week they are doing something organized, and then our tradition as a family is to head to Texas for a week of family camp.  If you’ve read the blog for even a few months, you have heard me mention Pine Cove Family Camp!  I’ve been in touch with the awesome staff at Pine Cove to ask one more time if there were any openings left for family camp, and there are a few!

Every spring, there are inevitably a few open spots in the sessions of family camp…schedule conflicts and such cause space to be available.  David and I are so passionate about Pine Cove that I wanted to throw it out there one more time in case you and yours want to add a week of heaven on earth to your family’s summer schedule:)!

Ask my kids any day of the year would they prefer Disney World or Pine Cove…and it’s always Pine Cove.  That’s what an impact this place has had on my kids.  (And I promise I haven’t propagandized them, despite my willingness to never go to Disney again.  Sorry, Disney-lovers!  Please no banana peels hurled my way!)

Pine Cove Family Camp Pine Cove Family Camp

So IF you have ever considered family camp, or even if it’s a brand new idea to you today, here are the few openings available for Summer 2013:

The Bluffs (Tyler, TX):  Week 8 (July 21-27)

Crier Creek (Columbus, TX):  Week 1 (June 2-8), Week 2 (June 9-15), Week 6 (July 7-13), Week 7 (July 14-20), and Week 9 (July 28-Aug 3)

You may be asking, “What in the world does it cost to go to Family Camp?”  You can find all the answers HERE.  “Is Family Camp worth the money I will spend?”  Absolutely.

Our “short list” of why the investment of Pine Cove Family Camp has been worth every penny for our family…

*A true break from suburbia and the hustle-bustle life we lead.
*Lasting, authentic relationships built with other families
*Incomparable role models (the counselors) for our kids.
*No cooking, cleaning, unloading luggage!, or lifting a finger for that matter!  The counselors literally do every little things you can imagine for you!  MAMAS, YOU ARE ON A REAL VACATION:).  See how happy my dear friend Pamela is to be driving into camp!!

Pine Cove Family Camp
*Amazing Christian speakers for the adults (no worries, it’s completely laid back, only a few sessions, but you won’t want to miss one word!)  A few examples of speakers Pine Cove has lined up this summer…
*Fun.  And lots of it.

Water Rocket Pine Cove Family Camp


If you are new to Amanda Jane Brown or want to revisit some posts from the past about our time at Pine Cove, you can read detailed accounts HERE, HERE, and HERE.

The best part for you today is that Pine Cove is offering my readers a $250 discount on a new family camp registration!  Simply mention the code AMANDABROWN when you call to register!  Partial scholarships are available to help with the cost of camp, and they can be combined with the registration coupon.  Click HERE for scholarship information.




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