Father-Son Trip Idea

For the past three years, David has taken John David on a Father/Son trip to St. Louis to see the Cardinals play and to celebrate their upcoming birthdays.  David started this tradition when John David was quite young, and it is such a joy to see JD embracing and loving the game of baseball just like his Daddy!

Obviously, a trip out of town, especially to any sporting event, can be quite costly.  A few ways we have been able to pull this off is to save up hotel points from David’s work travel and to scour StubHub for good ticket prices.  Typically, they buy a set of good seats for the first night and then spend a little less for the next night by getting seats further back from the field. In addition, St. Louis has fabulous free attractions within minutes of where they’ve stayed.  Ultimately, the relatively small investment of time and money will reap a lifetime of memories that have no price.
Before each game, the guys go very early to watch the teams during batting practice.  Ticket-holders can go down very close to the field before the start of the game, close enough to yell for a ball!  John David scored one from a Braves player, shown above.
Breakfast at the well-known Rooster.  They say it was worth the hour wait!
St. Louis’s City Museum is “an eclectic mixture of children’s playground, funhouse, surrealistic pavilion, and architectural marvel made out of unique, found objects.” Although the City Museum is not a free St. Louis attraction, we highly recommend it, especially if you have kids ages 12 and under.
John David is proving himself to be the “collector” of the family, picking up souvenirs everywhere we go.  He would have a heyday in the likes of Panama City…thankfully he is also the fiscally responsible child:)  I love that he finds genuine joy in the smallest of things.
On Saturday afternoon of their trip, David took JD down close again to watch the teams practice, in hopes that he would be able to get some autographs on the ball from the day before.  While standing around near the Cards’ dugout, a woman stopped them and asked if it was just the two of them there for the game and would they like seats on the 2nd row behind the dugout?  Ummmm…yes!

You can see in the previous and following couple of photos how close they were to the field and players!  David exchanged contact info with Donna, who had gifted the tickets, and she wrote us today to tell us that on her drive to St. Louis last weekend, she prayed for God to bring her the perfect two people to give her company tickets to.  A sweet reminder that God is in the details of our lives, and loves to give good gifts, even tickets to baseball games.
You can see above just how close they were!  All photos taken with David’s iPhone, just feet from the players!

After our recent, emotional move to Mississippi from the only home John David has ever known, the trip to St. Louis could not have come at a better time, and it is no coincidence that a sweet lady from Nashville, TN, found my boys, gifted them with amazing seats, and made David’s John David’s year.
Life with kids is busy.  It is constant hustle-bustle of homework, activities, dinner, bath, and bedtimes, and while that craziness is where life is really lived and little lives are formed, sweet memories that last a lifetime can be sprinkled in with just a small amount of time, effort, and investment.  Plan a simple getaway with one of your kiddos soon!  A few ideas are camping, any tourist destination in your own state, a sporting event, or any trip around a common interest.  Have fun!


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  1. What a beautiful recounting of a precious time in your family’s life! Continued blessings in your life; I say “continued” because it is obvious that you are blessed!

  2. Nancy mariner says:

    How awesome! Just happened to look at your site and noticed the cardinals pic …..and seen a pic of my nephew –#52 Wacha. I’m not sure if he pitched that game or not. Nothing more special then family time– -and a baseball game!

  3. Just stumbled onto your blog today and saw Busch Stadium so I read your lovely story about your “boys” trip to St. Louis. The lady who gave your hubby the tickets brought a tear to my eye. How sweet! I worked at the old stadium and even though I am not a big baseball fan, I enjoyed my time there. The City Museum is an awesome place my grandchildren always want to visit when they are here. Go Cards!!!!

    • Carol, Thanks for leaving a comment! I know, isn’t the story of the lady offering the tickets so fun?! What a great town you live in! Blessings, Amanda