Valentine’s Day Decorations-Candy Trees

Valentine’s Day may not typically be an occasion that you decorate for, but these Valentine’s Candy Trees are so fun and easy to make! Also, little helpers can sort the candies

I’ve posted a Conversation Heart Tree on the blog before, but sadly, he did not survive the move in one piece. In addition to the conversation hearts, we decided to make a couple more with other candies, and we love how they turned out!  
Lainey and I worked on this Conversation Heart Tree over the Christmas break when it was bitterly cold and dreary outside.
Browse through the Valentine’s aisle at any store to find multiple candy options for these adorable trees!

Valentine’s Candy Trees

Styrofoam Craft Cones, varying sizes
Hot glue gun/hot glue
Assorted candy (shown are conversation hearts, gummy hearts, and peppermint marshmallows)
Ribbons (optional for top of trees)

Starting at the bottom of the cone, place a dab of hot glue on the cone, arranging the candies in rows. Lainey helped me sort the conversation hearts by color, making the patterns easy to repeat. We did find that putting the glue on the cone instead of the candy worked best.

Finally, tie small bows, if desired, and glue to the tops of the trees.
**Update to post: Lots of questions were raised about storing these guys! I have been making these for Christmas and Valentines for years, reusing them year after year. They are wrapped in bubble wrap and stored in big plastic storage tubs with tops. Thankfully, only the marshmallow tree has had to be replaced. Hope this helps!

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  1. How cute are these! So festive.

  2. never would have thought to use candy cool idea thanks for sharing visiting from freedom friday

  3. once you made these, did you keep them to use year after year? if so, how did you store them? my husband thinks it’ll attract ants and I should throw it away after Valentine’s Day but it took so long to do, I would love to hang on to it!

  4. Absolutely so, so cute! I love decorating for Valentines Day, and these are just perfect! I would love if you would share this at my blog party, Celebrate It! It is all about sharing how we celebrate the big and small moments of life.

  5. In keeping the tree over years how do you keep it safe without bugs attacking it? Do you spray a preserving spray on it after completing?

    • Stacy, I have not sprayed mine. To store, I have wrapped in bubble wrap very gently or for the tiny ones, large ziplocs over the top/another over the bottom (wasn’t able to zip, of course). I store them in plastic tubs with tops. I made these for Christmas probably over 5 years ago, and with the exception of the marshmallow ones drying out, I am still using them! Hope this helps. Amanda

  6. I think your decorated trees are adorable!

  7. Love them. So cute.

  8. I have been making candy topiaries for years, and that little conversation heart tree is adorable! One thing that I do with my candy topiaries is apply a patchwork of colored duct tape to the Styrofoam base. Just cut 2-inch pieces of tape, attach them randomly until the entire styrofoam form is covered. I then glue the candy to the duct tape covered styrofoam. I find that the candy (especially hard candies) sticks better to the tape than to the Styrofoam & I can choose the color that peaks out of the spaces between the candies. Another tip: I find if I scuff up the side of hard candies that will be glued to the base (I use fine sandpaper), it adheres much better. I agree with you. I have been reusing the same candy topiaries for years and years (without clear coating). The peppermint and hard candy ones I wrap in non stick aluminum foil, then in bubble wrap. I have stored them in the same plastic bins that you use for yours. They survive beautifully from year to year.

  9. Where sid you find the cute white bases?


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