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Spring/Summer Hurricane Vases

Decorating with Hurricane Vases is one of the easiest and most versatile ways to bring the different seasons into your home!
While I have used Mason jars, cylinder vases, and hurricane candle-holders, I especially love the Willow House Hemingway Hurricane Vases and have used them for years and years. 

I am not being compensated to tell you about these hurricane vases, but simply wanted to share where you can find them!
For Spring and Summer, I decided to go with split peas and White Northern beans.  
I love this combo of green and white!
Simple natural raffia around the top of the hurricane adds an extra touch.
A single one of these hurricane vases or a pair is perfect for a table centerpiece, your kitchen counter, or your mantel!

You can fill any glass container…hurricanes, cylinder vases, Mason jars, apothecary jars…with different color combinations for seasonal decor.  After the initial purchase of the containers, changing the filler costs very little, making these extremely thrifty projects with big impact!  
Happy Hurricane Decorating!

Decorating for Valentines Day

Valentines Day is around the corner, and there are endless options on the candy aisle at your local stores to create a simple Valentine’s Day centerpiece!

After last week’s posts of the Conversation Hearts Tree and my Love One Another Mantel, I want to show you one more easy and inexpensive way to decorate with conversation hearts!

Conversation Heart-filled Vases for Valentines Day

Valentines Decorating with Conversation Hearts!

I use these hurricane vases for every season.  They are filled year-round at our house with just about everything!  See them filled for Thanksgiving HERE, Easter HERE, and a similar set filled for Fall, HERE.
Valentines Day Decorating

Simple Valentines Day centerpiece!

A simple bow and white candle brings these all together!
Do you decorate with conversation hearts?  If so, how?  Share with us in the comments!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Christmas Decorating with Natural Elements

Perhaps you are having guests to arrive in a few days and need a last-minute centerpiece or have one more little spot in your house that needs a touch of Christmas?  Using natural elements that are easily found during your next grocery trip, you can pull together a great look!

Cranberries…inexpensive, natural, festive, and full of fabulous, rich color!  
Fill any hurricane vase, glass container, or Mason Jar with cranberries to create an instant eye-catcher!  
 Simply place cranberries in hurricane vases or any glass container.  Add a candle, and a bow and you have an instant centerpiece!  (These are battery-operated candles…available at Wal-mart and Hobby Lobby).
 Aren’t these berries beautiful?
 For a simple, clean look, cranberries and candles alone is perfect!

If water is added to your container with the cranberries, they will float!  Another easy, beautiful option is to place greenery (I cut from holly bushes in the yard), cranberries, water, and floating candles in any glass container.  


Another very easy way to use natural elements with a touch of Christmas is to incorporate dried beans!  You may remember these Fall Hurricane Vases I filled with lentils and popcorn kernels and these Mason Jars filled with coffee beans.  Concept here is the same, simply using Christmas colors of red, white, and green!  Dark red beans, White Northern beans, and split peas.
This look is perfect for your kitchen or anywhere in your home, especially if you decorate for Christmas with more of a “rustic” flair!
 I popped battery-operated votive candles in these jars, but you can use a real candle inside a mini glass votive.  Place the votive in after the second layer of beans, then fill in the third layer around the votive. 
 Tie simple jute, burlap, or other coordinating ribbon around the jars for a little something extra.  
I love these colors together!  Wouldn’t this be perfect for your kitchen table?  Burlap pooled in the center of your table with a few of these bean-filled jars? 

Now I’m off to arrange some of this on my own (very naked) kitchen table!

Merry Christmas week to you!
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Thanksgiving/Fall Decorations-Hurricane Vases

I love decorating for Thanksgiving, perhaps because the colors are so rich and warm, it’s not near as fussy as Christmas, and it officially welcomes us into the Holiday season!
This project is similar to my very favorite Fall Hurricane Vases, but with a bit more of a Thanksgiving twist!
Corn is a staple in Thanksgiving decor, so I decided to create a centerpiece for my coffee table that would bring the season straight to our den.  In addition, this project is very inexpensive for the look it displays!
Any vase or glass hurricane will work.  These I purchased years ago at Kirkland’s, but similar ones can be found at Target, Wal-mart, or Michael’s.
The corn kernels are inexpensive Great Value Brand and you probably need at least two bags.
See my little “helper” in the background?
These candles I use over and over for different seasonal displays in these hurricane vases.
The artificial leaves are re-purposed from an old wreath I disassembled to use on my fall mantel.  Simple jute secures the leaves to the candles.
While I arranged these vases inside my Willow House Jamestown Tray for a coffee table display, they would be great on a fall mantel, a dining table, or in your kitchen!
As always, I love seeing your projects you’ve created after seeing something here!  Be sure to send me a picture if you make a Thanksgiving display!
Have a great Wednesday!
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Fall Decorating with Hurricane Vases

Do you have a “go-to” decorative item that you use for every season and you never tire of?  The Willow House Hemingway Hurricanes are two of my favorite versatile pieces that I change out many times a year. 
Fall is here (at least the calendar says so), and I decided to go with a natural look for these hurricanes, and I love how they turned out!
While I’ve had these hurricanes for years, I have seen many different versions at places like Target, Hobby Lobby, and even Wal-Mart.
For this project, I chose corn kernels, small red beans, and split peas.  
 Place the candle in the empty hurricane, then begin pouring the beans in very slowly around the candle to the desired level.  Repeat layers with different beans.
I tied a double string of simple jute (found at Hobby Lobby craft section) for an extra natural touch.
The color combination possibilities are endless with so many rich fall colors to choose from!  Specialty grocery stores have self-serve bins of dried lentils that you can choose from, as well.  A white candle would be a beautiful contrast!

 The beans/corn are pretty enough to stand alone without the candle, like this “candy corn” display from last year at Halloween…
To make the “candy corn,” I used Black beans, White Northern Beans, and Red Lentils
Tie a fun ribbon or let them stand alone!

Pinterest is full of ideas using beans and other natural elements.  Look around for other color combinations!

If you put one of these together, I’d love to see it.

Happy Fall, Y’all!
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Halloween Hurricanes

Halloween in your home can have a grown-up look using simple natural elements, and I’ll show you how!

  Using the versatile Hemingway Hurricanes, I layered red lentils, white navy beans, and black beans to resemble candy corn!  The red lentils were harder to find and I happened upon them in a Kroger Marketplace in the self-serve bean/granola dispensers. 

 If you use red lentils, be sure to layer them at the bottom of the hurricane.  They are small and tend to creep through the layers of larger beans!
Tie a Halloween ribbon at the top of the hurricane…
or at the bottom…or leave it as is!

 As always, there are endless possibilities with these pieces for Halloween.  You could start with a white candle in the empty hurricane, and fill in with beans in layers around the candle.  Take a peek at this fall hurricane for ideas.  

If you make one for yourself, I’d love to see a picture! 
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Top 12 Posts of 2012

Top 12 of 2012 Chevron

According to Google Analytics, these were the top posts of 2012!  While a few of these posts are originally from 2011, thanks to Pinterest and terrific readers, these have remained popular well into 2012!

Whether you have been reading the blog for years or just a short time, I’m so glad you are here!

Here are the posts by order of popularity starting from the top left corner.  Click the highlighted links to visit each one, and be sure to Pin your favorites from the individual posts, too!

1.  Fall Hurricane Vases-I still chuckle a little when I think about this post.  Most viewed page on the blog ever.  Easiest project ever!

2.  Thanksgiving Hurricane Vases–Corn-filled vases for Fall or Thanksgiving.

3.  How to Make a Burlap Wreath-Easy, versatile wreath!

4.  Spring Hurricane Vases-Link to burlap rosettes in this post, too!

5.  Mississippi Sin Dip-I think the name alone draws traffic (wink), but make it yourself, and you’ll see why it’s on the list!

6.  Christmas Candy Trees-Easy, fun, reusable Christmas idea!

7.  Burlap Footballs-A great way to show your school spirit.  Fun project to make with friends!

8.  Lighted Pumpkin Topiary-Reusable year after year.  Great for the front porch or inside decorating!

9.  Mod Podge Canvases-Terrific kid birthday gifts or customize for any season!

10.  Conversation Heart Trees-Whimsical addition to Valentine’s.

11.  Valentine’s Doors-Burlap Heart Wreath-Add seasonal burlap decor to the basic Burlap Wreath from #3.

12.  DIY Chalkboard Frame-Repurpose an outdated framed print into a versatile chalkboard you can use year-round!

Looking forward to 2013 with you!

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Weekend Bloggy Reading

Blogtober Fest Blogging Challenge Day 1

If you are a new visitor from Blogtober Fest, welcome!
I love fall.  I love October.  So as soon as I saw my friends over at Arkansas Women Bloggers promoting “Blogtober Fest,” I signed up.  They’ve posted writing prompts, which you can access HERE, for each day of this week.  

Don’t live in Arkansas?  Join us anyway and blog each day’s topic.  It’s just for fun and will help you think outside the box and perhaps blog a little differently for a few days!  

Today’s topic is “Fall Fashion and Decorating.”  

The word “fashion” nearly made me click away because I never, ever post about fashion.  I can pull it together when I need to, but it costs a fortune to stay updated, I tell ya!

  Target, Old Navy, and Forever 21 are a few of my go-to places for affordability and trends.  Thank you, Beth, for telling me about Old Navy’s Rockstar Skinny Jeans.  Bought two pair last week, yes I did.  
I searched for, tried on, and purchased two pair of jeans in 12 minutes flat and had you been able to get inside my head, you would assume I had just spent the afternoon on Rodeo Drive.  I need to get out more! 

Now I just need to find long tops to cover my backside in the “skinny” jeans.  I’ll pick those up on my next trip to Target when I have exactly 12 minutes before the next carpool line starts. 

And my dear friend from high school, Carley, (who always looks put together) says we all need a “statement necklace,” so I guess I’m on the hunt for a “statement necklace” for fall.  I’m eyeing one at a new favorite online store, Little Box of Beautiful.  She carries fabulous pieces at amazing prices and is right here in Arkansas!  

On to decorating…I am not a decorator, but I do love to decorate my home.  On a budget.  For every season.  Especially fall.

There are a few fall projects here at My Heart’s Desire that have gone wild on Pinterest, so for those of you that are new here, I’ll do a recap.

Fall Hurricane Vases filled with dried beans and corn.  I still get a little tickled that this is my most popular post ever.  
These Fall Leaves Wreaths are one of my personal favorites.  Easy, inexpensive, and different from the typical round wreath on the front door!
And this Pumpkin Topiary with Lights is quickly becoming a readers’ favorite at My Heart’s Desire!  Reusable each year and can be part of your Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving decor!
There’s still time to put together a simple Halloween Centerpiece using dried beans!  
And lastly, another inexpensive Fall/Thanksgiving Hurricane display You can create your own with any glass container you already have!
Click HERE to read Day 1 posts from other Arkansas bloggers!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for Day 2 of Blogtober Fest!

Halloween Centerpiece

If you have been reading this blog for hardly any time, you know beans are always making an appearance, but not for dinner;)
Decorating with beans is one of the most affordable, beautiful, and simple ways to decorate for nearly any season.  Remember these Fall and Spring Hurricanes?
A Halloween Hurricane is one of my favorite looks in October.  The layering of red lentils, black beans, and small White Northern beans is a subtle, yet distinctly Halloween combination.  

1.  Layer red lentils at the bottom!  They are small and “creep” through the layers of larger beans!

2.  If you add a candle, place a short pillar candle at desired level and fill beans in around it.
 This Halloween Hurricane is the focal point of a simple Halloween centerpiece, pretty enough for the formal dining room table!
Use any glass container, hurricane, or apothecary jar to layer the beans and arrange votives and mini pumpkins on a tray for a classic Halloween centerpiece!  The mirrored tray is from PD’s in Franklin, TN.  Well worth the visit if you are in the Nashville, TN area!  Awesome prices!  

20 Questions for the New Year

Hey friends!  Hopefully your Christmas break has been relaxing…or at least now that Christmas is over, perhaps you’ve been able to relax:)

Last year around this time, I hooked up with to answer “20 Questions for the New Year”…insightful questions that help you frame up your last year and give you a fresh perspective for the next.  

New questions are posted over at Incourage, so I thought it would be fun to reflect on 2011.  If you blog, jump in with me and answer them on your site, or download their PDF file and use them for journaling or personal reflection!  

I’ll break these up into a few posts… 

Let’s get started!

1.  What is the single best thing that happened this year?
Wow, the single best is hard to narrow down!  I’d say a sure highlight was Maddie being baptized by her daddy this summer at Pine Cove Family Camp
2.  What was the single most challenging thing that happened?
While we did not have one particular event that really marked our year negatively, David and I had to remain very intentional not to succumb to the “tyranny of suburbia.”  If you are raising kids today, you know the challenges…school, sports, activities and so much else begs for our time, our energy, our finances, our very hearts.    If we do not remain intentional and purposeful with our time as a family and as a couple, we risk winding up at a destination we never intended to go to.  And frankly, it is just plain hard.  Worth it, but hard.

3.  What was an unexpected joy this year?
It still makes me laugh a little when I think about it…but one unexpected joy is my little blog growing exponentially after one single post in the fall…a few dollars worth of dried beans in a glass vase that I put together on a whim one afternoon.   Who woulda thunk it?  This guy pictured below has become quite the Pinterest pick for some “fall hurricane vase” searches!!!  In so many ways, this post has and continues to remind me that My Heart’s Desire blog belongs to Him, not me.   

4.  What was an unexpected obstacle?
Navigating the unchartered waters of pre-adolescent struggles with my little girl!  There have been days this year where I have literally begged…I mean begged…the Lord to show me how to parent her well as it pertains to these issues.  It is no fun.  But I am getting to know my child in deeper, more meaningful ways than ever before, and that has been a blessing.   

5.  Pick three words to describe 2011.
Intentional. Challenging. Rewarding.

6.  Pick three words your spouse would use to describe your 2011.  (don’t ask them; guess based on how you think your spouse sees you)
Creative. Fulfilling. Family.

7.  Pick three words your spouse would use to describe their 2011.  (again, without asking)
Below-quota. Persevering. Reconnected.
He gave me permission to share that first one:)

8.  What were the best books you read this year?
I have read fewer books this past calendar year than any year of my adult life…boo.  I miss getting lost in a book.  Plans for getting back to books in 2012:)

Here are a few titles I did read this year…

Water for Elephants
Entertaining, emotional.

The Glass Castle
Jeanette Walls’ memoirs have stuck with me.  I can’t really tell you why I loved this book so much, but I did.  I understood so much of her story.  Highly recommended. 
Grace for the Good Girl…currently reading.
 I had the privilege of meeting author Emily Freeman (Chatting at the Sky) at The Relevant Conference.  While she and I do not share similar life histories, our stories are very much the same…the “familiar fog of anxiety, the weight and pressure of holding it together and of longing left unmet…Emily encourages you to move from your own impossible expectations toward the God who has graciously, miraculously, and lovingly found you.”  Highly recommend.   

Ketchup is a Vegetable…and Other Lies Moms Tell Themselves…currently reading.  
Wet.Your.Pants.Hysterical.  Download to your Kindle or get a hardcopy soon.  Very soon.  Author and blog friend Robin O’Bryant‘s candid accounts of motherhood will have you rolling.  She verbalizes all the off-color, not-so-tidy things about motherhood you’ve been thinking anyway.  I am so glad I’m not the only crazy mama.

9.  With whom were your most valuable relationships?
This is a hard one, too!  David is my rock.  We are best friends, a great team, and genuinely like each other a whole bunch.  

As for others…I could never narrow it down to just one or two.  I have so many relationships that offer specific value to my life…some offer companionship, creativity, a sounding board, prayer warrior, humor (that perhaps I can only tell to them, you know who you are), accountability.  I value these relationships like precious treasures!!

10.  What was your biggest personal change from January to December of this year?
Blogging has changed me in so many positive ways…the biggest being that I am much more willing and able to “think outside the box” than ever before!  I’ve left my comfort zone more times than I can count this year…all via blogging…and it has been good.  Very good.  

Stay tuned this week for the rest of the “20 Questions for the New Year!”  Please answer a few of these in the comments or post them on your blog!  

Stay up-to-date with My Heart’s Desire posts by “Liking” our Facebook Page or Subscribing in a Reader in the right sidebar!

Happy New Year!