Popcorn Wreath Tutorial

Our baby turned 7 last week, and in lieu of a sleepover, we met in the middle and celebrated with a Popcorn and Pajamas birthday party. These adorable Popcorn Wreaths greeted our guests at the front door! We cloaked the wreaths in hot pink ribbons to match our party theme, but imagine how pretty these would be at Christmas with the addition of cranberries and Christmas ribbon! They’d also be terrific with traditional red, black, and white accents for a movie-themed birthday party!

The Popcorn Wreaths were very easy to make, and kids can help with assembly, too! We have double doors, making our project a bit time consuming, but one wreath did not take much time.  Here’s how we made these…

Popcorn Wreaths

Supply List: (makes one Popcorn Wreath)
1 sheet foam board (or large cardboard box)
Electric Knife or X-acto knife
Popped popcorn (about 2 microwave bags or pop your own kernels)
Hot glue gun/glue sticks
Ribbon for hanging
Florist’s wire for hanging

First, trace a circle onto the foam board. Mine is about 16 inches.  Trace a smaller circle in the middle.  The small circle shown is about 6 1/4 inches.  If you have a very wide front door, you may want to enlarge these measurements.

Cut out the wreath form.  My electric knife is as old as the hills and works like a dream for cutting foam board!  An X-acto knife works well, too, just be careful that you are working on top of a safe surface!
Begin arranging the popped popcorn onto the foam board.  I found it was easiest to apply the hot glue to the foam board and then add the popcorn.  If there was an odd spot to fill, it was easier to apply the glue to the popcorn and stuff it into the spot.  Play around with it to see what works best for you!
Below is the inside of the wreath where the foam board was showing more than I preferred.  We added a bit more to cover this area, and we added popcorn on top of popcorn to fill in spots elsewhere, making sure every inch was covered.
Loop a wide ribbon around the wreath and add an extra bow to the top, if desired.  You can secure the bow to the wide ribbon using florist’s wire.  Create and secure a small loop of wire for hanging onto a nail or wreath hanger.
Our Popcorn and Pajamas welcoming committee!
The Popcorn and Pajamas party was a hit…here are a few pics from the party. Praise the Lord for my 13-year-old and her friends to help manage the chaos at the party!
Popcorn and Pajamas Party
A precious cake from Lisa Whitehead in Oxford, MS.
Popcorn and Pajamas Party
Sweet girl loved every second of her party…
These cute bags were 10 for $1 at the Dollar Tree!
Popcorn and Pajamas Party
These decorations would be perfect for any movie-themed party for a boy or a girl!

Have a great weekend!
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18 on the 18th and a Fun Giveaway!


(Anybody remember Holly Hobby?  Circa 1977!)

Today, April 18, is my birthday, and I thought we’d change it up a bit today at the blog!  I want to give you a little glimpse into my life behind the blog…AND…a fabulous giveaway to one of my favorite stores, B.Layne Home!  The giveaway is a gift card in the amount of years I’m turning today…38!  So one lucky reader will have $38 to spend at B.Layne Home. And don’t worry, Michelle will ship items if you are not local!

Below is just a taste of what B.Layne has to offer…

Dough bowls, Aspen Bay Reserve Candles (amazing!), hand-carved/painted crosses, rustic lanterns, hand-cut frames, pillows, old doors, furniture, and more!

B.Layne Collage

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I don’t know about you, but now and again, I love getting to know the blogger behind a blog I follow.  And I want to assure you that my life is far more than door decorations or recipes.  In fact, for weeks, my front doors have been bare, I haven’t cooked in a week, and my house is dirty;).  So here are “18 on the 18th” real-life things about me…

  1. Wife to one, mama to three!
  2. Arkansas is my home, but Mississippi will always have my heart.
  3. 9 times out of 10, I would choose Mexican food when eating dinner out.
  4. I only cook a real, live decent dinner about once a week.  Sometimes twice.  The truth behind a recipe blog;)
  5. A relationship with Christ is the only reason I am sane most days.
  6. Nearly every single thing on the walls of my home has a special meaning or is an original creation by someone I know.
  7. I am a really good, but not very patient driver.  Recently reminded of this as one of my children uttered “idiot” and revealed they heard me say it in the car.  Just grand.
  8. Guilty pleasures-Hot Tamales, Junior Mints, raw cookie dough, Dateline NBC, wine.
  9. I have a Bachelors of Court Reporting.  I didn’t use it a day.  Finishing my degree constituted many dark days.
  10. My dream vacation is Italy with David.  We love talking about going there one day.
  11. I pretty much hate to exercise.  Perhaps that will change once all of my children are in school all day and I have more time.  As it stands, using my 2 free hours getting sweaty and staying gross all day does nothing for me.
  12. I LOVE Little League baseball.
  13. I love Dark Roast Community Coffee.
  14. I love blogging, the blogging community, relationships built with readers, and the creativity that blogging inspires.
  15. I treasure family heirlooms, big and small, and love using an item I know was well-loved by someone in the past!
  16. My recent favorite shows are The Office and Downton Abbey.  Always DVR’d.
  17. I have naturally (very) curly hair.
  18. I can play the piano.  But I rarely do.  I should change that.

So there you go…a little about me behind the blog!  And the best part of today…the B.Layne Home giveaway below!

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