How to Make a Burlap Wreath
With Christmas decorations put away, our house looks so naked!  Every January, our front door wreaths come down from Christmas, and I rarely have anything neutral enough to adorn the doors!  I came across a mesh wreath tutorial at New Every Morning and decided to create my own version using burlap.  Using burlap, the wreath becomes a year-round option.

1  18-inch wire wreath form (Michael’s)
1 1/2 yards burlap (bolt used is @45 inches wide)
florist’s wire
embellishments (optional)
 First, lay out the 1 1/2 yards of burlap folded in half.  Please note:  Pictured above are the beginnings of two wreaths. You will only have one folded piece if you are making one wreath.
 Next, cut the folded piece of burlap in half, giving you two identical pieces that are each 54 inches long.
 Again, cut each of these pieces in half lengthwise, giving you four strips that are 54 inches long.

You are ready to start making your wreath!  Before you begin working with the burlap, cut 18 pieces of florist’s wire, each about 8 inches a piece (there are 9 “sections” on the wreath form).  This will allow you to work without stopping!

Using an 18-inch wire wreath form, you will make two rounds of burlap bubbles around the wire form.  One on the innermost ring and one on the third ring.
Start on the innermost ring of the wreath form.  Gather one end of your first strip of burlap, and secure it to the first “section” using floral wire.  
 Pictured above, you can see where it is gathered, tied tightly with the florist’s wire (in twist-tie fashion).  Please note that this photo does not show the burlap attached to the innermost ring. Yes, I had to start over after a couple of ties:).

Rest assured that you will be able to easily cut the excess wire pieces, then “poof” the burlap to hide the wire.
 Next, gather about 8 inches of burlap and bubble it to your desired volume.  Secure the end of the bubble to the next notched section of the wreath using the florist’s wire.   
 Continue on until you run out of fabric.  You will start with a new strip of burlap to finish the innermost ring.  Save your scraps for later use.  
Repeat the same process for the third ring of the wreath form, except you will gather 9 inches of burlap for each bubble (versus 8 inches in the first ring). 

Once you have completed both rings, use scissors to snip away the excess florist’s wire.  Then “poof” your burlap to hide any gaps or wire that is showing.
 My original vision for this wreath was “winter.”  I painted a chipboard “B” (Hobby Lobby) in Martha Stewart’s Cloud craft paint.  After it dried, I mod-podged the entire front surface and sprinkled white fine glitter to give it a little sparkle.  Using fishing line, I secured the letter to the wreath form.
 While I love the painted letter, and I love the wreath, I don’t really love them together.  But I wanted to show you in case you liked it, or perhaps it would inspire you to think of another fun addition to this wreath!
 Here is the wreath, plain and simple.  No embellishments or additions!  Perfect for hanging any time of year for your front door, an inside door, or above your mantel!
It was still a bit too plain for my taste, so I cut a long strip of leftover burlap and tied a simple bow.  You can see how I attached it in the picture above…a safety pin!
Another option for embellishing this wreath (which I may add later) is to add a few burlap rosettes.  Two styles of burlap rosettes found on Pinterest are from Restore Interiors and Choose To Thrive.  

 Although these burlap wreaths are currently on my front double doors, I secretly can’t wait to bring them inside to hang over the mantel and in my bedroom.  They are versatile enough to move around all year!  Plus, with a price tag of about $10, it sure beats paying the $65 for an identical wreath on Etsy!
Have a great weekend!
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