22 Wreath Ideas for Every Occasion

Wreaths, wreaths, and more wreaths! If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know my affection for seasonal goodies for the front door! Recently, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Hometalk to curate a collection of wreath ideas for every occasion! Folks have made wreaths out of just about everything, and I was amazed at the creativity and unique twists on traditional wreaths! The curated board includes the full list of wreaths and their individual supplies, tutorials, and additional photos!

While most of the wreaths I chose to showcase are occasion-specific, there are a few that certainly can be made and displayed year round!

If you are not familiar with Hometalk, it is a site dedicated to all things home decor and gardening.  You can easily browse through endless ideas and be inspired by some seriously talented folks!  Many of the Before/After photos will blow you away and inspire you to create! One of the best features of Hometalk is that you do not have to be a blogger to submit your own ideas and photos, so be sure to check it out!

Head on over to the Wreath Board to get some wreath ideas!

Fall Progressive Dinner Ideas (Hot Bacon Swiss Dip)

Fall Progressive Dinner
Fall is officially in the air down here in the South, despite our still-warm days!  And I believe it’s safe to say two favorite things about fall for most folks are football food and friends!  I’ve joined a few of my favorite bloggers today to celebrate Fall, and we’ve made it easy for you to host a Fall Progressive Dinner Party!  Delicious food and drink, beautiful table decor, and precious Fall printables-you’ll have all you need for a Fall Dinner Party with friends!

If you are visiting from the other blogs, Welcome!  It is a joy to have you here today!

Below you will find the links to each item for your own celebration!

Free Fall Printables for Table: The Busy Budgeting Mama
Fall Table Decor:  Bonfires and Wine
Beverage: Cranberry Cider from Love of Family and Home
Appetizer:  Hot Bacon Swiss Dip-See Recipe Below
Main Dish:  Boneless Pork Chops with Apple Chutney from Beneath My Heart
Side Dish:  Homemade Baked Mac-N-Cheese from House of Rose
Dessert:  Mountain Dew Apple Turnovers from Walking in Grace and Beauty

My contribution to the Fall Progressive Dinner is one of my all-time favorite appetizers, Hot Bacon Swiss Dip!  It is always a crowd-pleaser!
Hot Bacon Swiss Dip

Hot Bacon Swiss Dip

Preheat oven to 350°.

8 oz. cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup real mayo
1 cup grated Swiss cheese (1/4 lb. block)
2 T. chopped green onions
8 slices of cooked bacon, crumbled
Ritz or other round butter crackers

Using mixer, combine cream cheese, mayo, Swiss cheese, and green onion.  Place mixture into a small, greased baking dish.  (small oval or 8×8).

Top with crumbled bacon.  Bake uncovered for 15-20 minutes.  Serve immediately with crackers!
Hot Bacon Swiss Dip 1

Serves 6.  Easily doubled.

Printable Recipe

If you are following the Fall Progressive Dinner in order, you can click over to Traci’s Boneless Pork Chops with Apple Chutney HERE.
Fall Progressive Dinner Party Ideas

Have a great week!

Pumpkin Topiary with Lights

Fall is officially in full swing, and I have a few fun Fall projects to show you over the next couple of weeks!  With a busy family, these projects are slow-movin’ trains, but if I’ve learned anything as a blogger, it’s that my family needs and deserves more than just my leftovers;)

So here’s the first touch of Fall that I’m totally loving…

A Lighted Pumpkin Topiary!  While browsing through Michael’s recently, a Pumpkin Topiary caught my eye, so I gathered the supplies to create my own version.  

*Please excuse these less than stellar photos.  My battery charger to our good camera is MIA, so these were taken with my trusty Iphone.  Not too shabby for a phone, but I am having Nikon withdrawals!

Lighted Pumpkin Topiary

Supplies Needed:

3 faux Pumpkins (13″, 9″, and 4″)
Hot Glue Gun
Electric knife or box cutter
 White light strand (100 count)
Berry Garland, Fall leaves, or other decoration
Extension Cord

These pumpkins are from Michael’s and come in orange, cream, and black.  Any color would be fabulous or use a combo of all three for variety!  

  This is a messy project, so have your vacuum handy!
First, slice off the stems of the middle (9″) and bottom pumpkin(4″).  This ancient electric knife does the trick!
 I was attempting to create a flat surface on these pumpkins and cut off more than necessary.  Once you assemble the topiary, determine if more of the top needs to be cut away to make it rest straight.  This exposed part on mine will need to be hidden with decorative garland or leaves, so cutting away less is best!
Then, using the knife, cut a hole (large enough to squeeze your hand through) in the bottom of all three pumpkins.  

Next, cut a hole in the top of the middle and bottom pumpkins.  

You will feed the lights through these holes.  
Then, use a pencil to mark where you would like to drill the light holes.  
Drill holes into the markings.  Use the drill in a circular motion to form the holes as large as you prefer.  Holes shown are about an inch or so.

Next, stuff the lights into the pumpkins.  I roughly counted the lights and stuffed 20 into the small top pumpkin, 30 into the middle pumpkin, and 50 into the large bottom pumpkin.  Leave the plug outside the topiary and attach an extension cord.  

Then, to secure your topiary, carefully hot glue pumpkins together.  Just a few dabs of glue is sufficient.
Shown above is the Fall Berry/Leaf Garland I chose to embellish my topiary with (Michael’s).  Other options are fall leaves or coordinating ribbon.  
The garland is simply wrapped (not glued) around the base of each pumpkin.  
Beautiful at night!
This Pumpkin Topiary has a home on my kitchen bar, but it would be fabulous on your front porch in an urn as a part of a fall arrangement!