Valentine’s Day Decorations-Candy Trees

Valentine’s Day may not typically be an occasion that you decorate for, but these Valentine’s Candy Trees are so fun and easy to make! Also, little helpers can sort the candies

I’ve posted a Conversation Heart Tree on the blog before, but sadly, he did not survive the move in one piece. In addition to the conversation hearts, we decided to make a couple more with other candies, and we love how they turned out!  
Lainey and I worked on this Conversation Heart Tree over the Christmas break when it was bitterly cold and dreary outside.
Browse through the Valentine’s aisle at any store to find multiple candy options for these adorable trees!

Valentine’s Candy Trees

Styrofoam Craft Cones, varying sizes
Hot glue gun/hot glue
Assorted candy (shown are conversation hearts, gummy hearts, and peppermint marshmallows)
Ribbons (optional for top of trees)

Starting at the bottom of the cone, place a dab of hot glue on the cone, arranging the candies in rows. Lainey helped me sort the conversation hearts by color, making the patterns easy to repeat. We did find that putting the glue on the cone instead of the candy worked best.

Finally, tie small bows, if desired, and glue to the tops of the trees.
**Update to post: Lots of questions were raised about storing these guys! I have been making these for Christmas and Valentines for years, reusing them year after year. They are wrapped in bubble wrap and stored in big plastic storage tubs with tops. Thankfully, only the marshmallow tree has had to be replaced. Hope this helps!

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Pom Pom Heart Wreath

Pom Pom Heart Wreath
Valentine’s Day is more than a month away, but these cold, dreary days of January are perfect for making a few easy Valentine’s projects while you stay warm inside! Also, January gives you plenty of time to shop for supplies if you decide to make this adorable wreath!

This is an easy project for kids to “help” with, too!

Styrofoam heart wreath form (Michael’s or Hobby Lobby)
4 packages Valentine’s pom poms (The Dollar Tree)
Hot glue gun/glue sticks
Fishing line or ribbon
Pom Pom Heart Wreath 2
Glue pom poms all over wreath form, except for the back, as shown below.  You can fill out the entire wreath form, but I wanted to ensure the heart would stay flush against the door.
Tie a piece of fishing line or ribbon around the top of the heart for hanging.  Fishing line you can simply tie around the top of the wreath. Ribbon probably needs to be pinned into the foam in the back to form a loop for hanging.
Pom Pom Heart Wreath

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Valentine’s Decorations and Food Ideas!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and I’ve gathered a few of my favorite Valentine projects from around blogland to share with you.   Be sure to visit the links above each image for other great ideas!

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Valentine Heart Felt Wreath 3

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Decorating for Valentines Day

Valentines Day is around the corner, and there are endless options on the candy aisle at your local stores to create a simple Valentine’s Day centerpiece!

After last week’s posts of the Conversation Hearts Tree and my Love One Another Mantel, I want to show you one more easy and inexpensive way to decorate with conversation hearts!

Conversation Heart-filled Vases for Valentines Day

Valentines Decorating with Conversation Hearts!

I use these hurricane vases for every season.  They are filled year-round at our house with just about everything!  See them filled for Thanksgiving HERE, Easter HERE, and a similar set filled for Fall, HERE.
Valentines Day Decorating

Simple Valentines Day centerpiece!

A simple bow and white candle brings these all together!
Do you decorate with conversation hearts?  If so, how?  Share with us in the comments!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Burlap Heart Wreath

It’s January, but Valentine’s is around the corner!  If you like this wreath, you will have time to gather your supplies and make your own in time to enjoy it for Valentine’s!
I recently posted the burlap wreath base of this Valentine’s wreath a few days ago, pictured below.  Click the link for specific, easy instructions to make your own!
Our front doors desperately needed something after Christmas came down.  I love the simplicity of the burlap wreath, and even more that it can be decorated for just about any season or Holiday!
I simply removed the safety-pinned burlap bow at the top of the wreath and safety-pinned a red burlap heart for Valentine’s!

Now, I’ll show you how I made the heart.  You could use the heart alone for Valentine’s, although the wreath form shown here is only 12 inches, pretty small by its lonesome on a front door.  Perhaps perfect somewhere inside your home:) 
1 yard red burlap (Hobby Lobby w/coupon)
1 heart wire wreath form (Hobby Lobby floral)
Florist’s wire, cut into 8-inch pieces
First, cut the yard of burlap lengthwise in half.  
Then, cut each half in half again, lengthwise.  You will have two “strips” of burlap about 36 inches long and about 5 1/2 inches wide.
Just like the tutorial for my burlap wreath, I gathered the end of one strip to get started, securing it at the bottom and back of the heart, as shown.  (You can clip the excess wire later).
Next, gather about 4 inches of burlap and “bubble” it, as shown above.  **Note…I got about halfway through this heart and realized the “bubbles” were too large.  For this 12-inch heart form, smaller, 4-inch bubbles are better!
To secure the bubbled burlap at each interval, simply gather the burlap, making sure you like how the bubble looks, and lay the 8-inch piece of florist’s wire across the top, as shown above.  Holding the wire/burlap in place, flip the wreath over.
Pull the burlap/wire as tight as you can, and “twist-tie” the wire to secure the bubbled burlap.
Secured burlap bubble shown above.  
Continue around the heart form until you have covered the entire heart.  You will have to start a new “strip” before reaching the end.  Fiddle with it to hide the ends at the back of the heart.  
When my heart was complete, I held it up and realized that I could see through holes in the bubbled burlap in many spots.  It made it look cheap, so I came up with an easy fix to give the burlap more body and substance.  Cut small scraps, as shown above, and
stuff them into the bubbles that need a lift.  Perfect.
Here is the finished heart!  (on my very sad adirondack chairs that are begging for paint)
Cute enough to hang alone, just not in a very large space.
I removed the brown burlap bow from the original wreath and simply safety-pinned the heart in its place. 
Total cost for the red burlap heart was about $8!
I plan to use the brown burlap wreath base year-round, replacing the heart with seasonal embellishments or hanging it as is!